It is designed according to the international standard with higher quality, reliability, and safety. Ranging from 500W to 5000W, It is compatible with lithium-ion battery perfectly and suits any situation of DC to AC, such as RVs, boats, residentials, and places where require high quality of electrical power


1. Pure sine wave output.
2. Input to output electrical isolation.
3. Digital dual closed-loop control of voltage and current.
4. Input surge current suppression for lithium battery system.
5. Output power factor up to 1.
6. Simple system wiring & 180 degrees rotating LCD.
7. Input Protection: Reverse polarity,
8. Low-voltage, Over-voltage.
9. Output Protection: Overload, Short circuit, Overheating.
10. Phone and PC remote control through RS485 port.
11. Extra external switch port.
12. Safety (EN/IEC62109) & EMC approved by international standards.



Image Product Name Model
Output voltage(V) Battery type Continuous output power(W) System Nominal Voltage(VDC)
 Sine Wave Inverter IPP-1 220V/230V Lead- Acid/ Lithium 500W-5000W 12,24,48
 Sine Wave Inverter IPP-2 110V/120V Lead- Acid/ Lithium 500W-4000W 12,24,48
 Sine Wave Inverter IPT-1 220V/230V Lead- Acid 350W-5000W 12,24,48
Sine Wave Inverter IPT-2 110V/120V Lead- Acid 350W-3000W 12,24,48
Sine Wave Inverter IP-1 220V/230V Lead- Acid 280W-1600W 12,24,48
Sine Wave Inverter IP-2 110V/120V Lead- Acid 280W-1600W 12,24,48
Sine Wave Inverter NP-1 220V/230V Lead- Acid/ Lithium 260W-5000W 12,24,48
Sine Wave Inverter NP-2 110V/120V Lead- Acid/ Lithium 600W-2500W 12,24,48