Chaodun@Hybrid Inverteris an inverter charger that supports diversified energy management modes on solar/utility/generator charging, and utility/inverter power supply to the AC loads. To maximize solar energy utilization, users canchoose energy sources according to actual needs and flexibly take the utility as a supplement. This inverter chargercan raise the system's power supply guarantee rate, which is suitable for solar energy, utility/oil generator hybrid systems. It aims to provide users with high-quality, high-stability, and high-reliability electrical energy.


Chaodun@Hybrid Inverter

Image Product Name Model
open circuit voltage(V) Battery type  Output power(W)
Hybrid Inverter HI-2 220V/230V Lead- Acid/ Lithium 3000W-5000W
Hybrid Inverter HI-3 110V/120V Lead- Acid/ Lithium 2000W-3000W
Hybrid Inverter HI-5 220V/230V Lead- Acid/ Lithium 800W-4000W
Hybrid Inverter HI-6 220V/230V Lead- Acid/ Lithium 1200W-3200W




1. Supports the battery mode or non-battery mode.
2. Surge current and reverse connection protections to support the lithium battery system perfectly.
3. Three charging modes: Solar only, Solar priority, Utility & Solar.
4. Two AC output modes: Utility priority and Inverter priority.
5. High tracking efficiency of MPPT no less than 99.5%.
6. PFC technology which achieves a high power factor of AC to DC charging and reduces the usage of power grid capacity.
7. Advanced SPWM technology and pure sine wave output.
8. Configurable battery charging current and discharging current.
9. Self-learning SOC function.
10. Configurable grid charging current.
11. 4.2 inch LCD to monitor and modify system parameters.
12. Optional WiFi or GPRS Remote control by the RS485 isolated communication port.
13. BMS-Link port and optional BMS-Link communication protocol module.