Chaodun@Micro inverter 1200W
Chaodun@Micro inverter 1200W
Chaodun@Micro inverter 1200W


Chaodun@Micro inverter 1200W

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Single unit connects to four PV module/Maximum 1200W AC output power/Single-phase output, Flexible 3-phase PV systems/2.4G wireless communication and monitoring/Up to 8 units (230V) per branch/Customizable various input (DC, PV) voltage range/Integrated AC bus cable, Ready-To-Use/Low cost, Easy installation.


Input Data(DC,PV)

MPPT Voltage Range 24V-40V

 Maximum Input Voltage 50V

 Maximum Input Power 4*300W

Output Data(AC)

Rated Output Power 1150W

Maximum Output Power:1200w

Nominal Output Current @120VAC : 9.58A / @230VAC : 5A

Default Output Voltage Range @120VAC : 80V-160V /  @230VAC : 180V-280V

Default Output Frequency Range @50Hz : 47.5Hz-52.5Hz / @60Hz : 57.5Hz-62.5Hz

Total Harmonic Distortion THD <5%


CEC Weighted Efficiency @120VAC : 92.5% / @230VAC : 93.5%

Night Power Consumption <700mW

Dimensions (W x H x D) 250mm x 230mm x 38mm (not include connectors and cable)

Weight 2.5kg

Max Current of AC Bus Cable 40A  Waterproof Grade IP65