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Where is Suitable for the Installation of Distributed PV Power Generation System

Distributed photovoltaic power generation specifically refers to a distributed power generation system that uses photovoltaic modules to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy. It is a new type of power generation and comprehensive utilization of energy with broad development prospects. It advocates the principle of nearby power generation, nearby grid connection, nearby conversion, and nearby use, which can not only effectively improve the power generation of photovoltaic power plants of the same scale, but also effectively solves the problem of power loss in boosting and long-distance transportation.   

The most widely used distributed photovoltaic power generation system is a photovoltaic power generation project built on the roof of an urban building. Such projects must be connected to the public grid to supply power to nearby users together with the public grid. So, where are the suitable places to install distributed photovoltaic power generation systems?

1:Factory buildings in the industrial field

Especially in factories with relatively large electricity consumption and relatively expensive online purchase electricity prices. Usually the roof area of the factory building is large, and the roof is open and flat, which is suitable for the installation of photovoltaic arrays; and due to the large electricity load, the distributed photovoltaic grid-connected system can be consumed on the spot to offset part of the electricity purchased online, thereby saving users' electricity bills.                 

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2:Commercial buildings

The effect is similar to that of industrial parks. The difference is that commercial buildings are mostly cement roofs, which are more favorable for the installation of photovoltaic arrays, but often have requirements for building`s aesthetics. According to the characteristics of service industries such as commercial buildings, hotels, conference centers and resorts, the user load characteristics are generally higher during the day and lower at night, which can better match the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation.

3:Agricultural facilities

There are a large number of available roofs in rural areas, including self-owned residential roofs, vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds, etc. Rural areas are often at the forefront of the public power grid, and the power quality is poor. The construction of distributed photovoltaic systems in rural areas can improve electricity security and power quality.

4. Municipal and other public buildings

Due to the unified management standards, user load and business conduct is relatively reliable, high enthusiasm for installation, municipal and other public buildings are also suitable for distributed photovoltaic centralized contiguous construction.                       

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5: Remote farming and pastoral areas and islands

Due to the distance from the power grid, there are still millions of people without electricity in remote farming and pastoral areas in some parts of the world, as well as in some coastal islands. Off-grid photovoltaic systems Or complementary microgrid power generation systems with other energy sources are very suitable for applications in these areas.

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