Several Important Factors Affecting the Power Generation of Photovoltaic Power Stations

Several Important Factors Affecting the Power Generation of Photovoltaic Power Stations

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Power generation is the cornerstone of photovoltaic power stations. The power generation of power stations with the same capacity may vary a lot. How did the difference in power generation of the power station come about? What factors will greatly affect the power generation of the system?

PV modules are the only source of power generation

Many people regard the power generation as the task of the inverter. In fact, the components are the only source of power generation. Through the photovoltaic effect, the module converts the energy radiated by the sunlight into measurable DC energy, which leads to the subsequent conversion output, and finally obtains the power generation and income. If there are no components or the capacity of components is not enough, no matter how good the inverter is, it cannot convert air into electric energy. Therefore, selecting appropriate and high-quality component products is the best gift for the power station; It is also an effective guarantee for long-term stable income. String design is very important.

If the same number of components adopt different string methods, the performance of the power station will be different. The rated working voltage of the three-phase inverter is generally about 600V. If the string voltage is low and the boost circuit operates frequently, it will have a certain impact on the efficiency.

The laying and installation of components is very important With the same component capacity in the same installation site, the orientation, arrangement, inclination and shelter of the component installation all have an important impact on the power. Generally, the general trend is to install towards the south. In actual construction, many users will adjust the support to make the components face south, even if the original state of the roof is not facing south, in order to receive more light radiation in a year.


In principle, the installation inclination of components in different latitudes shall be close to or greater than the local latitude value, but it shall also be implemented mechanically according to the actual situation, and the roof load, wind resistance, wind, rain and snow in a year and other climatic factors shall be considered. For large rooftop power stations, it is recommended to adopt a small inclination angle, and the component square array should not be kept too large and appropriate distance from the building roof, so as to avoid excessive distance from the end of the square array to the roof, which may cause potential safety hazards.

Compared with the inclination angle, the azimuth angle has a limited impact on the output of components. The West or East can be selected according to the actual lighting duration, because the lighting in these areas starts very early or lasts for a long time. The installation is inclined to take advantage of the situation, which can make the components accept the lighting for a longer time, so as to continuously generate electricity.


In addition, various possible obstructions are always a factor to be avoided during component installation, and it can even be said that obstructions are the biggest killer affecting power generation. If only half of the components in a string are blocked due to shielding, there is almost no current. Therefore, try to avoid obvious or potential shielding during installation.

Above, the reasons affecting the power generation of photovoltaic power stations are explored from several aspects. At present, the upstream, middle and downstream technologies of the photovoltaic industry have developed very mature. Only by taking advantage of the advantages of the mode, selecting high-quality products and paying attention to overcoming the impact of these problems can the photovoltaic power station continue to produce energy. For more information, please follow the SOLARPARTS official website:

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