How to Deal with the Waste of Solar Panels

How to Deal with the Waste of Solar Panels

Solar panels can convert light energy into electric energy, which brings great convenience to outdoor lighting. However, many people may think of a problem. As a new energy, solar energy is energy-saving and environmental protection, which greatly reduces the pollution to the environment, but it may involve another problem at the same time. That is, these devices that use these new energy sources, such as solar panels, are damaged and scrapped. Does it cause new pollution? This involves the recycling of battery panels.

For example, aluminum can be used as the core material in the refining industry, and can be recycled as silicon in the form of glass and glass beads, so as long as it can be used as the core material in the manufacturing industry, it can be used as aluminum panels and other materials again, We don't have to worry too much about the new pollution to the environment or waste of resources after the scrapping of solar panels. How should we deal with the scrapped solar panels?

  • When the battery board is damaged and can be rescued and repaired, pay attention not to touch the battery board with bare hands. After the battery board is scrapped, don't be careless. There will still be the risk of electric shock, so it's best to wear dry thread gloves or rubber gloves and other gloves with good insulation to isolate the risk of electric shock;
  • If a solar panel is connected by a cable, you should pay attention to unplugging the cable. If you can't unplug it, you should cut off the linked cable in other ways;
  • For cut cables, if copper wires are exposed, they must be wrapped with plastic tape to avoid electric shock;
  • After that,the solar panels will be transported to the abandoned place. For prudence, it is best to smash the glass with tools such as hammer to separate the glass, battery unit, metal frame and wiring materials, so as to facilitate the subsequent secondary utilization.

⑤ In the whole process of operation, it is best to cover the front of the battery board with blue tarpaulin or cardboard, or directly face down to avoid direct sunlight, which will cause the operation of photoelectric conversion process and increase the risk. Even when there is no sun at night, pay more attention to avoid energizing the battery board. Of course, the above only lists a small number of disposal methods of scrapped solar panels. You can learn more about solar panels and SOLARPARTS in the following ways

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