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1. Float charging life prolonged by our  proprietary corrosion resistant alloy.

2.High-purity electrolytes and agents reduce water loss.

3.Impacts from earthquakes are reduced by compact seismic ABS jars and covers.

4. Delicate seal technologies protect the battery from electrolyte leakage and creeage.

5.The delicate construction of self-relief valves can avoid bulges and cracks.


Solarparts@ AGM-Batteries   

Image Product Name Model
Dimension(MM) Nominal Voltage
Lead- Acid Battery 6-GFM-120 408*175*210 2.35V
Lead- Acid Battery 6-GFM-200 521*239*219 2.35V
Lead- Acid Battery 6-GFM-100 331*172*215 2.35V



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