solar panels for RV

4 Essential Campervan Techs You Need in Your Van

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If you’re keen to hit the road in a self-built campervan, then you need to make sure you include some essential campervan techs.

Once you’ve set your budget, bought the van, and planned your campervan layout, you need to choose which features you want to install. There are plenty of tempting gadgets on the market, but knowing what tech is actually going to benefit your van life travels and is critical.

solar panels for RV

To help you decide what you need, here are four essential campervan tech features to install in your van.

  1. Solar Panels: Your Free Energy Source

solar panels for RV               

 If you’re planning on running a self-sufficient campervan, then you need a source of power. Installing solar panels is arguably an essential campervan tech feature as it will provide you with a renewable, efficient, and free source of energy that you can use to power everything in your van.

Before you buy your solar panels, however, you need to calculate how much power you require. Purchasing too few solar panels won’t provide enough energy, and too many will be a waste of money. You can work out how much solar power you need by using an online solar power calculator. You also need to learn what Ohm’s Law is and how to use it to calculate how many watts you need to power all your campervan devices.

It’s worth spending time learning about the different types of solar panels to discover which will suit your needs best before you make your purchase.

     2. Leisure Battery: Convert Solar Energy Into Power

battery for RV

A leisure battery is an essential piece of campervan tech as it will convert the energy from your solar panels into usable power that can run your campervan devices. Leisure batteries are designed to provide a steady release of power over a prolonged period of time, which is highly beneficial when the sun won’t come out to play.

To choose the right leisure battery, you need to work out the following:

  • What voltage do you want your system to run on (12v or 24v)?
  • What type of battery do you want (lead acid, gel, AGM, or lithium)?
  • The size of your battery (this will depend on the type of battery you choose and its capacities).

      3. Lights: Illuminate Your Van at Night

solar panels for RV

Lights are an essential piece of campervan tech, especially when it comes to wild camping. You need a source of light for your evening activities, such as cooking and reading.

You should take some time researching the best types of lights for your campervan, but there are some basic ideas you can consider first:

  • Where do you want to place your lights? (kitchen, living area, bedroom?)
  • Do you want brighter lights in your kitchen area and softer lights in the bedroom area?

Do you want downlights, strip lights, or simple reading lights?

    4. Fridge: Keep Your Food (and Beer!) Cool

solar panels for RV

If you’re planning on hitting the road for long periods of time. Keeping your food (and beer) at the optimum temperature isn’t just a luxury, but also better for your health as you’ll reduce the risk of getting foodborne illnesses.

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