1. Durable: high temperature resistance, long life, the shell adopts ABS + PC flame retardant and fire retardant material, good toughness, temperature resistance and fall resistance

2. Eight-weight protection: temperature protection, short-circuit protection, voltage stabilization protection, constant current protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, over-current protection, magnetic field protection


power outage emergency, outdoor camping, outdoor shooting, outdoor work, industrial sampling, power maintenance, medical rescue, etc




Image Model Power Battery Capacity DC Input AC Output Dimension(MM) Weight
PS220 300W 3.7V/78000mAh 19V/3A 20V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz 340*210*220 4.5kg
PS221 500W 25.9V/20.8Ah 29.4V/7A 220V/2.5A 330*275*160 5.5kg
PS222 1000W 270400mAh 22V/10A 220V/50Hz 330*220*290 10.5kg
PS223 1500W 25.2V/58Ah 12V/10A 220V/50Hz 340*175*250 11.45kg



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