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New Actions of Photovoltaic Enterprises in the Post-epidemic Era

Affected by COVID-19, China's economy is facing a significant impact. In the first quarter of this year, the economic growth was only 4.8%, significantly lower than the target of 5.5%. In recent years, the downward pressure on the economy has increased. In order to rationally allocate the energy structure and stimulate the economic recovery, the country has continuously increased new energy subsidies and increased policy support. 

The "new infrastructure" of new energy power generation represented by photovoltaics can shoulder the heavy responsibility and empower new growth. It is expected to become one of the key areas of promoting the economy with infrastructure in 2022. Giving full play to the leading role of leading enterprises in the industry and local leading enterprises will become another major trend in the development of photovoltaic industry in the future.                    

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The government meeting pointed out that the significance of improving policy supply and increasing macro-policy adjustment. And it is necessary to comprehensively strengthen infrastructure construction and expand effective investment to give play to the traction of major projects and the instigation of government investment. Photovoltaic power generation has been greatly improved under the policy support and financial guarantee. The willingness and intensity of project investment have been greatly improved. Projects in various places have landed in turn. SOLARPARTS Serial products such as solar photovoltaic modules, flexible solar panels, solar dripping panels and solar pumps have also entered the "new infrastructure" to stimulate the vitality of the market economy and promote employment, which practices the social responsibility of enterprises.

Solar photovoltaic modules can be replicated in large scale and used in batches. After installation, enterprises can realize self-sufficiency in electricity consumption. Without external supply, it not only saves the cost of electricity, but also fulfills the requirements of enterprises with low-carbon economy. On this basis, it can also set up a modern sightseeing base integrating tourism, vacation, leisure and sightseeing to increase the income of enterprises. In addition, it is used as a power station to generate electricity and reduce investment and operating costs. It can also extend the development of the economy, promote secondary income increase and achieve multi-purpose in one fell swoop. Solar energy is a green and clean energy, which effectively helps promote carbon emission reduction and is suitable for long-term development. It can be said that it is a green energy sunshine cause that benefits from investment for life.               

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SOLARPARTS products are of excellent quality because of their unique performance and good attributes. Flexible solar panels and solar rubber dripping panels are featured with long durability, lightweight and large-capacity, which is suitable for courtyard roof, road street lamp lighting and monitoring power distribution equipment. Solar water pumps are convenient and applicable, and independent power supply is suitable for irrigation and water intake for home life. Under the macro background of comprehensively strengthening infrastructure construction, it is expected that more products will be put on the market and meet with you in the future. Our consistent pursuit is that the product quality is excellent, the user can use it with confidence, and the after-sales tracking service is in place. Troubleshooting is committed to high-end, intelligent and green products. Welcome to SOLARPARTS  to learn more.

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