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What You Should Know When Roof PV Power Station Catches Fire?

Safety problems need to be prevented. Although the failure rate and maintenance cost of photovoltaic power stations are extremely low, However, it does not rule out the possibility of fire caused by equipment damage and expansion due to improper operation of human factors. Spontaneous combustion of components and line fire are potential fire hazards of photovoltaic power stations. If problems do not appear, they will cause economic losses to power station owners, and excessive fire will even affect the lives and property of neighbors. Therefore, the potential fire hazards have to be prevented.       

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The fire fighting method of rooftop photovoltaic power station should be proper, and mistakes should not be made in busy work. If a dangerous situation is found, identify the location, immediately check the ignition point, withdraw the surrounding combustibles, and disconnect the power valve to extinguish the fire. If the fire is too large to control, you must call the police for rescue. It should be noted that, The biggest possibility of fire in rooftop photovoltaic power station is during the day, Because photovoltaic modules are generating electricity, each series of modules will generate several hundred volts of DC voltage. When a fire comes, if it is difficult to turn off the power supply for a while, the rescue opportunity will be delayed, and the fire will spread. If necessary, live fire will be extinguished. For the sake of safety, protection is more important.

For live fire fighting, in order to minimize the DC output current of photovoltaic power generation system, fire blanket can generally be used for fire fighting. Fire blanket is a special fire fighting tool woven from glass fiber materials after special treatment. Its texture is very soft and it is mainly used to isolate air and cover fire sources; Shielding sunlight makes the photovoltaic module reduce or lose voltage, thus facilitating live fire extinguishing operation.

In the process of roof photovoltaic fire extinguishing, Foam extinguishing agent or water-containing objects shall not be used to extinguish photovoltaic module equipment, Foam extinguishing agent contains aqueous solution, which has electrical conductivity, which has an impact on the insulation of component equipment and has the risk of electric shock. Generally, dry powder extinguishing agent can be used, which contains ammonium phosphate and has no electrical conductivity. It can protect rescuers from insulation and quickly isolate component equipment from sunlight to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing. It is a good fire extinguisher.             

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