How Photovoltaic Power Station Face to the Hot Weather

How Photovoltaic Power Station Face to the Hot Weather

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Heatstroke is the sixth solar term in summer, from July 22 (or 23) to August 7 (or 8) every year. It is the period with the most sunshine and the highest temperature in China. This year's heatstroke followed by recuperation, ushering in the hottest time of the year. The high temperature in many places hit 40 ℃, and the high temperature warning signal came into effect. In the face of such hot weather, how can our photovoltaic modules spend the summer cool?      

Many people believe that high-temperature weather with plenty of sunshine can increase the power generation of photovoltaic modules. In fact, this statement is wrong. High temperature ≠ exposure, and the two are not unified. Hot weather is caused by intense solar radiation reaching the earth's surface.

Under the condition of high temperature, the output power of solar cell module will decrease significantly with the increase of temperature, so that it can not give full play to its maximum performance; High temperature is easy to make the battery panel fail, such as strengthening the hot spot effect, leading to the aging and even damage of the photovoltaic panel; For the inverter, when the temperature is too high, the full load operation state is easy to lead to poor heat dissipation and affect the power generation; At the same time, the high temperature environment will greatly accelerate the loss rate of sensitive components. The water vapor generated in humid and high-temperature environment will enter the interior of the component through edge sealing silica gel or back plate, inducing PID effect.

So, how to maintain photovoltaic modules in high temperature weather?

Maintain ventilation:

Maintain ventilation for components, inverters, distribution boxes and other equipment. Do not unreasonably increase the number of photovoltaic modules in order to increase the power generation, resulting in mutual shielding between modules and affecting ventilation and heat dissipation. When designing the power station, a reliable service provider shall be selected, and the most reasonable scheme shall be designed according to the actual situation of the roof and the power generation.

Avoid the accumulation of sundries:

Ensure that the surrounding of photovoltaic modules, inverters, distribution boxes and other equipment is open and free of sundries to avoid affecting the heat dissipation of the power station. If sundries are accumulated next to the equipment to block or oppress the power station, they must be removed in time.

Proper cooling:

In high-temperature weather, the inverter and distribution box should be installed in a place with sun and rain protection. If the field environment is not sheltered in the open air, it is best to install a canopy to avoid direct sunlight, which will make the equipment temperature too high and affect the power generation and service life of the equipment. If necessary, the equipment can be equipped with a cooling fan. In addition, in order to make the photovoltaic power station spend the summer safely and avoid equipment failure and possible disasters caused by high temperature, regular inspection of photovoltaic modules is also essential:

"External diagnosis":

Touch the equipment shell to judge whether the temperature is too high and whether the vibration of the equipment is normal. Do not touch the equipment directly with your palm in a large area to avoid scalding; Listen carefully to whether the fan has abnormal noise and smell whether there is burnt smell caused by equipment failure. In addition, we also need to learn to check the equipment operation data, accurately judge whether there are abnormal conditions, timely record the problems found, and notify the service provider for handling.

 "Internal diagnosis":

Measure the temperature of equipment cable and shell through relevant tools, and judge in combination with the actual temperature and equipment conditions. Regularly invite the operation and maintenance personnel for on-site maintenance and inspection. If the abnormal high temperature weather continues, it is necessary to increase the inspection density and deal with the equipment abnormalities in time.

Of course, there is still many ways to judge if the photovoltaic power station working normally. If you want to know more ,welcome to consult with SOLARPARTS.

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