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Daily Maintenance Specification and Precautions of PV Power Plant

Due to the large scale of the PV power plant and the large proportion of PV modules, it is necessary to regularly organize personnel to conduct comprehensive and detailed inspection on all PV module interfaces of the power station, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the power station, ensure the power generation of the power station and create more economic benefits. Due to the influence of natural environment and other external environment, the surface of PV modules will be covered with dust, debris and other pollutants. In order to ensure the power generation efficiency, it is necessary to irregularly clean all or part of the PV modules. While improving work and efficiency, it is also necessary to pay attention to personal safety. Please follow the steps of SOLARPARTS to learn about the daily maintenance specifications and precautions of PV power plants:

1: Component cleaning conditions

In order to ensure the power generation efficiency of the photovoltaic power plant and better protect the photovoltaic modules, the cleaning time of the photovoltaic modules of the photovoltaic power generation system should be in the early morning, evening, night or rainy days (when the irradiance is lower than 200w/ ㎡). It is strictly prohibited to select the time around noon or when the sun is strong to clean. When cleaning in the morning and evening, it should also be carried out in the time period when the sun is weak.               

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2:Component cleaning method

Component cleaning methods can generally be divided into routine cleaning and rainy day cleaning, in which routine cleaning includes ordinary cleaning and flushing cleaning.

Routine cleaning:

(1)General cleaning: use a dry professional mop to remove the attachments on the component surface, such as dry floating ash, leaves, etc. For hard foreign matters such as soil, bird droppings and viscous objects attached to the glass, a slightly hard scraper or gauze can be used for scraping, but it should be noted that hard materials cannot be used for scraping to prevent damage to the glass surface. According to the cleaning effect, whether to enter Wash and clean.

(2)Washing and cleaning: for objects that are tightly attached to the glass and cannot be cleaned away, such as residues of dyed substances such as bird droppings, plant juice or wet soil, they need to be cleaned. During the cleaning process, clean water is usually used in conjunction with a flexible brush. In case of oily dirt, the contaminated area can be cleaned separately with detergent, soapy water and other relevant solvents. If necessary, it can be cleaned in rainy days.

(3)Cleaning in rainy days: with the help of rain washing, the workload can be effectively reduced and the work efficiency can be improved. However, attention should be paid to prevent heavy rain and snow. Personal protection should be done during cleaning to avoid collision and electric leakage accidents.            

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Finally, let's talk about the precautions during cleaning:

  • Check carefully before operation to eliminate hidden dangers of electric leakage and ensure personal safety;
  • Wear corresponding protective clothing and equipment to prevent from being trapped or rubbed during operation;
  • Pay attention to the operation specification, do not use other cleaning methods or cleaning equipment without permission, and use the designated cleaning equipment correctly and reasonably;
  • It is strictly prohibited to clean under extreme weather conditions such as strong wind, rain and snow, and the cleaning work shall be seasonally adjusted;
  • The designated cleaning tools shall be used and returned to place after use. It is strictly prohibited to place them randomly.

PV module cleaning is a long-term work. It is necessary to be familiar with various operation processes, develop good working habits, and strictly implement the operation specifications to complete the cleaning work and ensure personal safety. And you can pay attention to the official website of SOLARPARTS to know more information.

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