CIGS Flexible Module Feature

1. 16.5% average effective area conversion efficiency of mass production

components, 1.7mm thick and 2kg/m2 heavy; Various sizes from 1.7m to 6m can be


2. the components are easy to install and directly pasted without additional

fixing and perforation, and the ballast and BOS are greatly reduced;

3. embedded bypass diode minimizes shading attenuation and is applicable to

distributed generation.

Practical Application

1. Solar Sightseeing Car

It is equipped with high-efficiency solar modules, installed on the roof, and converts solar energy into electric energy through photoelectric conversion, energy storage system, intelligent control system, etc. to charge the vehicle, which can realize off grid auxiliary power supply.


Equipped with high-efficiency solar modules, it can be installed on various types of shed supports, and the construction scale can be large or small. It can not only shelter the vehicle from the wind and rain, but also charge the vehicle, light and generate power through grid connection.



16.5W high-efficiency solar module, equipped with infrared self-triggered wild protection camera, can achieve infrared motion capture function; The high-efficiency solar module can also provide continuous power supply for the monitoring system, realizing the monitoring and collection of temperature and humidity, light, pressure, Beidou positioning, 4G communication and other data in various application scenarios, providing reliable information support for wildlife protection.