In fact, the majority of our business stems from Private Labeling and OEM/ODM Services for solar solution customers over 40 countries. We are open to cooperate with companies in need of specific products. We are specialized in product development, manufacturing and testing. Utilizing over a decade of industry experience, SOLARPARTS will create a product based on specific market demands or application requirements.

Private Labeling

We are able to label our standard products, or customized products (with minor modification from standard products) with custom logo or trademark, model number or part number, and company’s contact information.

See ODM Services for a completely customized product.

OEM Service

If the customers already have their product designs, we can provide manufacturing and testing services then supply the products. As the product is of custom design, the products will be exclusively manufactured for the customer.

ODM Service

When our products cannot meet your specific requirements and your company does not have readily designed products, our engineer team can work with you to tailor a product to suit the requirements. The engineering will go through processes of developing, designing, prototyping, design verification testing, tooling, product manufacturing, and safety standard compliance certification to ensure that final product meet all requirements.

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