Generate electricity from sunlight


Why Choose SOLARPARTS Portable Solar Panels?

A+ grade solar cells, Portable, Universal, Durable

SOLARParts solar panels are designed with high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells, achieving an efficiency of up to 24%, unmatched by other alternatives in the industry. These panels incorporate cutting-edge design technology and enables the solar panels to sustain stable output even in low-light conditions or high-temperature environments.

Roicht@_ IN Series

Roicht@_IN Series  products are popular solar folding bag style in the market. They are made of the industry's latest upgraded high-density monocrystalline silicon, which is smaller in size and has a higher conversion rate. OEM according to your requirements.

Mono integrated solar charger

The Mono integrated solar chargers are lightweight and foldable, so they can be easily hung on backpacks as well as tents, making them easy to use.
Unique All-in-One Design for improved performance in hotspots, hidden cracks, and special coverings.

Roicht@_ CA Series

Portable solar panels

Roicht@_CA Series portable solar charger uses MPPT regulator box, with USB QC3.0 charging function, faster-charging efficiency, and conversion efficiency. The surface is made of PET material, which is treated by a special process to make it more wear-resistant and improve the absorption efficiency of sunlight. The middle is made of PCB, which is more durable.

Roicht@_ BA Series

Portable solar panels

Through the folding design, the portable solar panel has a smaller area, is more convenient to carry, and needs to accommodate less space. It can be directly charged by electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablets, camera computers, and portable power supplies. Adding a controller can directly use lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and other vehicle-mounted batteries.

Roicht@_ GL Series

Foldable solar charger

Roicht@_GL Series Foldable solar panelis integrated with highly efficient Monocrystalline panels, which makes it a perfect portable solar system. You can charge your devices anytime and anywhere. It can generate maximum power in the fixed area and aluminum frame and supporting bracket, easy to install to absorb the sunlight, just plug and play.

Portable Solar Panels FAQs

Portable Solar Panels come with a simple jack or set of jacks to output power to a variety of devices. You're likely to find a DC output jack and a USB port, allowing users to directly charge phones or laptops. Most often, portable solar panels are paired with a portable lithium-ion battery so that their energy can be used under any conditions.
On the other hand, setting up a portable solar panel takes minutes, needs no permits or inspections, and there's no worry about damaging your roof.

Portable solar panels are small, plug-in panels that you can take anywhere with you. Unlike mounted units, portable panels can't power an entire home, but can be used to charge small electrical appliances, such as phones, laptops, or even microwaves.

Purchasing High-Quality Portable Solar Panels;
Protecting Solar Panels from the Environment;
Proper Storage for Portable Solar Panels;
Cleaning and Maintaining Portable Solar Panels

Here's how solar panels work:
You can channel this electricity (DC) through a charge controller and into a battery. Next, you'll use an inverter to change DC power into AC power to charge your electronic devices. However, some portable solar panels don't need an inverter or charge controller.

If you don’t require a large amount of energy or want to supplement your existing stationary setup, portable solar is right for you. It’s great for those who love to venture off the grid but can’t or don’t want to lug around bulky generators.

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