This inverter series converts DC energy from solar modules into clean, stable AC power that is ideal for power demanding appliances. These inverters are designed for high efficiency. Integrated  advanced microprocessor technology combined  with pure sine wave output makes them the perfect choice for use with high-end electronics and electrical equipment. Thanks to their low weight and long lifespan, the series inverters are also ideal for mobile and outdoor applications. Overload,  short circuit, over /under voltage and overheating protection are stander on all modules.


Model No. PG300W PG500W PG1000W PG2000W PG3000W
output voltage waveform  
Pure Sine Wave
Input Voltage 12V/24V
Output Voltage                                                             110V/220V
Actual power 300W 500W 1000W 2000W 3000W
Product size (mm) 233.5*99*54 233.5*99*54 280*198*80 370*198*80 410*198*158
Net weight 0.7Kg 0.7Kg 1.85Kg 2.75Kg 5.05Kg