Inverter: The Heart and Brain of PV Power Generation

Inverter: The Heart and Brain of PV Power Generation

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Photovoltaic inverter is a power electronic conversion device connecting solar panels and the power grid. Its main function is to convert the DC generated by solar panels into AC that can be connected to the grid through the power module.

 From the necessity of the inverter, the power generated by the photovoltaic array is DC, but the DC power supply system has great limitations, it is not convenient to change the voltage, and the load application range is very limited. The inverter can convert the DC generated by the battery board into the AC required for life, so the inverter is an essential core component in the photovoltaic power generation system.

 In terms of the importance of inverter, the reliability and safety of inverter are directly related to the smooth operation of the whole solar power generation system, which is embodied in:

  • Its conversion efficiency will be directly related to the power generation efficiency of solar photovoltaic power generation system;
  • Its service life will directly affect the service life of the photovoltaic power generation system,and the conversion efficiency and service life will further affect the return on investment (IRR) of the photovoltaic power station project.

To sum up, photovoltaic inverter has irreplaceable importance in the whole process of photovoltaic power generation and grid connection, and is the "heart" of solar photovoltaic power generation system.

 Inverter is the "brain" of photovoltaic power generation. With the continuous improvement of the overall technology of all links of the photovoltaic industry chain and the proposal of the concept of superimposed intelligent power station, the photovoltaic inverter not only has the function of converting DC into AC, but also carries the needs of more intelligent applications such as information acquisition, power station monitoring, manual interaction and so on. Specifically:

  • Information collection: the inverter can detect and record all fault information related to the power grid and photovoltaic system, such as high/low power grid voltage, high/low power grid frequency, overload/overheating of photovoltaic grid connected inverter, communication failure, leakage protection, insulation failure, etc;
  • Power station monitoring: the inverter can upload various fault information detected to the user's monitoring equipment;
  • Human computer interaction:the inverter uploads the data to the network server or local computer through GPRS, Ethernet, WiFi and other methods, and carries out large-scale data interaction with the cloud platform, so that users can view relevant data on the Internet, mobile phone or computer.

From the importance of intelligent attribute of inverter, the development trend of digital and intelligent inverter makes it more convenient for power station managers and users to view and manage the operation data of photovoltaic power station, and greatly reduces the cost of manpower and material resources.

To sum up, inverter is the core component with intelligent characteristics in the whole industrial chain. It is the only intelligent device of photovoltaic system with multiple digital functions and directly connected to the power grid. It is the "brain" of solar photovoltaic power generation system. For SOLARPARTS, the core component of photovoltaic power generation is not only solar panels, but also inverters. SOLARPARTS is also well versed in the development and application of inverters.

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