Capacity Replacement Behind “Manufacturing Change”

Capacity Replacement Behind “Manufacturing Change”

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On July 6, with the theme of "manufacturing change" to promote production expansion, we were able to invite Mr. Xiao, the production manager of the manufacturing department of Shenzhen Solarparts Inc., to conduct an interview in Xinli Feng. As the main person in charge of the production department, through an exclusive interview with manager Xiao, we can understand the changes in production capacity before and after the manufacturing change, as well as the convenience brought by management. Now please follow our vision and interview manager Xiao, to hear what he thinks of "manufacturing change"?

Q: What do you think of the working environment and atmosphere of the production line staff?

A: The management of the company is humanized. The workshop is equipped with heating and cooling equipment, and a special drinking water area is set up to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for employees. In order to show the company's care for employees, the company will care about the growth of employees through festivals, birthday greetings and other ways, and provide post subsidies for employees in different positions. In addition, under the guidance of goal driven, there is also an over production reward mechanism, and employees will receive corresponding welfare rewards.

Q: Can you say something about the obvious changes in the manufacturing line of the company compared with the past?

A: As a high-tech enterprise, SOLARPARTS attaches great importance to production and manufacturing. In order to expand the scale and achieve the effect of large-scale operation, the company has made corresponding improvements in personnel allocation, equipment purchase, capital and technology investment. After a series of rectification, the company's production capacity has been significantly improved, the management efficiency has also been strengthened, and the overall development is towards a more efficient and high-quality direction.


Q: Looking all the way, the workshop production is in good order. Is there a capacity index for workshop production? How to check the completion of capacity?

A: Yes, we will work out a basic value, formulate corresponding capacity plans for projects and materials, and make production arrangements at the morning meeting to ensure that the equivalent of the day is completed and emptied on schedule. Through the newly installed capacity display board, you can timely check the capacity progress and report every two hours. By making targeted regulation and arrangement according to the capacity,  the output can be checked and the capacity can be controlled.

Q: Under the condition of ensuring that the production capacity is completed on schedule, how does the quality inspection work usually be carried out in order to ensure the yield of products?

A: Product yield directly affects the use of products and is the key to the smooth offline and delivery of products. Generally speaking, we will check the production process layer by layer, starting from the selection of incoming materials, and put an end to inferior raw materials at the source. Before mass production, we will test and evaluate the first piece, and start mass production only after reaching the relevant index standards of products. In the process of mass production, we will make specific requirements for the assembly, routing and stacking of components, so as to ensure the yield of products and the smooth delivery and offline of products.

Q: Solar energy is a new green energy nowadays. What do you think is the product or technology advantage of the company?

A: Different from the high-power and large-size components like photovoltaic power stations, our products focus on mini portable, which is specially built for the portable charging needs of home life and outdoor travel. It is light and convenient, with novel design and superior performance, and is deeply loved by outdoor travelers and explorers. At present, the products are mainly sold overseas, and the domestic market space development potential is large, and the market share needs to be improved.

Q: It is understood that the company was awarded the title of "SRDI" enterprise in Shenzhen in 2021. What do you think of this award?

A: The award of "SRDI" enterprise is an affirmation of our company's R & D and manufacturing capacity, and it can also be seen as an incentive to encourage us to work hard in the field of high and new technology to go higher and further. In the development and utilization of new energy, we will continue to contribute to the social R & D value of high-tech enterprises and the social responsibility of decarbonization and emission reduction, and promote the early realization of the national "double reduction" goal.


Q: Do you have any expectations for the future development of the company?

A: As a sunrise industry, new energy has a huge space for development and utilization in the future. Photovoltaic solar energy, as a typical representative, can play a major role in energy reform by riding the east wind of energy transformation. As an excellent R & D manufacturer of photovoltaic solar products, SOLARPARTS will continue to consolidate its existing products and businesses to extend the industrial chain. We will continue to work with colleagues in the industry to consolidate the important position and role of new energy in the energy share.

Behind the "manufacturing change", it means the improvement of output, quality and capacity expansion, a breakthrough and re creation of the development bottleneck, and a refresh of self-awareness. SOLARPARTS is positioned as high-end, high-quality and professional. In the future, we will show our strengths in the field of photovoltaic solar energy, give full play to the significant advantages of photovoltaic solar energy in green energy saving, low-carbon and environmental protection, and make enterprise contributions to China and the world in decarbonization and emission reduction.

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