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Importance of Reliable Components for Photovoltaic Power Plants

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There are many reasons that affect the power generation quality of photovoltaic power stations, but they are mainly affected by the terrain and climate. The harsh natural environment and extreme weather often make photovoltaic power stations unable to work normally or the power generation efficiency is not ideal, which puts forward high requirements for the reliability and stability of photovoltaic power stations. As the core component of photovoltaic power generation system, solar energy is finally converted into electric energy through it to promote the load work at the power end. Therefore, the quality of photovoltaic modules is directly related to the quality, power generation efficiency, power generation capacity and service life of the whole photovoltaic power station.

The selection and installation of components of photovoltaic power stations are directly related to the overall benefits of the power station. Then, what kind of power station can be called a good power station? A good power station should meet the following requirements:

First, the quality of components is safe and reliable

Select reputable enterprises or companies recognized by the industry and respected by the society, based on market leading-edge products, to ensure that the products will not become obsolete in the short term. If the weighted average of accidents caused by product failures is less than 10, it can be regarded as reliable quality.              

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Second, high power generation efficiency

In addition to taking into account carbon emission reduction, the ultimate purpose of the power station is to make profits. Only by ensuring the stability of power generation efficiency can the power station continue to bring revenue to investors.

Third, it has strong compatibility and large power generation

The selected photovoltaic modules should meet the requirements of market transmission and distribution, ensure the compatibility with the mainstream power grid, and carry and complete the distribution of electricity.

Fourth, long service life

Realistically speaking, photovoltaic power stations also have their service life. Generally, with the growth of service life, the performance will be damaged or attenuated. However, as long as the fault weighting ratio is less than 5%, pay more attention to maintenance and repair in daily work. Generally, under ideal conditions, the whole life cycle of the power station can reach more than 25 years.               

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