How Solar Increase the Value of Your Home

How Solar Increase the Value of Your Home

It is not uncommon for homeowners to spend thousands of dollars updating their homes. The cost of a kitchen remodel alone can reach into the tens of thousands. Just as the savvy homeowner evaluates their return on investment for these larger projects, they must do the same when considering investing in solar panels. Most of the talk surrounding the financial benefits of installing a home solar system focus on energy savings. The energy savings going solar brings are incredible, and today we want to talk about how going solar can actually increase your property's value.

In recent years, natural disasters in the world -- droughts, wildfires, and heatwaves have inspired people to pursue greener lifestyles. More and more people are purchasing electric vehicles and searching for energy-saving features in homes. According to a survey: "More than 80% of buyers now say energy-efficient features are important in selecting their home and we are increasingly finding that these attributes are important to the prospective homebuyer.”

Just as these features are becoming more desirable to prospective buyers. Research is also demonstrating that adding a solar system to your home has the potential to increase its value. As a kind of green energy without causing any pollution, solar energy is not only can provide energy continuously, especially in electricity output, but also beneficial to the environmental protection. Some people are interested in the process of solar panel produce electricity. To find out how solar panels work, you need to understand how they’re made. Many solar panels use silicon, one of the planet’s most common elements. But since creating silicon crystals of suitable quality is difficult and expensive, home solar systems are usually built from similar, but less expensive materials, such as copper, indium, gallium and selenide (CIGS). These aren’t as efficient as high-quality silicon, but still provide adequate power at a reasonable cost. 

Potential buyers are also drawn in by the potential energy savings. Customers in some areas are subject to rate hikes and rolling blackouts while already paying premium prices for energy. In the end, however, regardless of what drives the desire for solar, there is great short- and long-term investment value in solar.

Many people are surprised to learn that leasing your solar system can deter potential buyers. Selling your home before your solar lease is up can be complicated. As the seller, you may be forced to buy out the remainder of the lease, or you must convince the buyer to take it over. Many buyers are wary of taking over an existing lease and would rather buy a property where the solar system is already paid for outright. Of course, each area has different situation. If you want to know more, you can search for more information on SOLARPARTS website.

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