China bans solar on river, lake, reservoir to protect ecosystem

China bans solar on river, lake, reservoir to protect ecosystem

China forbids the installation of solar and wind power systems on rivers, lakes and reservoirs, according to the guidelines published by the Ministry of Water Resources on Tuesday.


Solar and wind projects to be installed around lakes and in the branches of reservoirs will also be subject to stricter scrutiny. Installations will be forbidden in function areas for flood control and water supply, and water ecology and environment protection areas.

What’s more, projects around lakes and reservoirs shall not obstruct flood control, put the safety of reservoir dams, dikes and other water engineering facilities at risk, or affect the stability of water flows and shipping.

Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are allowed to make specific provisions based on their actual conditions.

The Ministry of Water Resources stressed that rivers and lakes are integral parts of the ecosystem. The well protection of the water ecosystem concerns the well-being of the people. Supervision over rivers, lakes and reservoirs should therefore be strengthened to stop the over-exploitation of water resources.

The guidelines are believed to have a huge impact on floating solar projects in the east, south, and southwest part of China.