Solar water heater manufacturing materials

Solar water heaters are composed of set hot parts (vacuum tube type for vacuum collector, flat plate type collector), insulated water tank, bracket, connecting pipe and control parts.
A heating element in the system.Its function is equivalent to electric heating tube in electric water heater.Unlike electric water heaters and gas heaters, solar collectors use the sun's radiation heat, which can only be heated up to a certain point in the sun.
The most common market in China is full glass solar vacuum collector.The structure is divided into outer tube and inner tube.Flat collector collector panel membrane coated black chromium absorption of heat, metal tube welding on the panels, flat plate collector vacuum tube collector cost slightly higher, flat collector to rise in recent years, especially in the balcony of high-rise residential type solar water heater has a unique advantage.The whole glass solar heat vacuum tube is generally made of high boron silicon 3.3 hard glass. The selective absorption film adopts vacuum sputtering selective coating process.
Heat preservation water tank
Containers that store hot water.The hot water collected through the collection tube must be stored in an insulated tank to prevent heat loss.The capacity of solar water heaters refers to the amount of water that can be used in water heaters, not including the capacity that cannot be used in vacuum tubes.The capacity of a pressure solar water heater refers to the capacity of the medium that can be exchanged.
Solar water heater insulated water tank consists of three parts: inner tank, insulation layer and tank shell.
Tank tank is an important part of the storage of hot water, which is essential for material strength and corrosion resistance.The market has stainless steel, enamel and other materials.Thermal insulation materials are directly related to the thermal insulation effect, especially during the cold season.The better heat preservation method is the whole foaming process of polyurethane.The shell is usually painted steel plate, aluminized zinc plate or stainless steel plate.
The insulation water tank requires good insulation effect, corrosion resistance and clean water quality.
Supports the shelves of the collector and the insulated tank.Strong structure, high stability, anti - snow, aging and rust resistance.The material is generally stainless steel, aluminum alloy or steel sprayed.
Connection pipe
The solar water heater is to enter cold water first into the heat storage tank, and then through the collector to transfer the heat to the heat preservation tank.The heat storage tank is connected with the indoor cold and hot water pipes, so that the whole system can form a closed loop.Properly designed and connected solar systems are critical to the optimal working conditions of the solar system.Solar piping must be insulated, and cold areas in the north need to be covered in a tropical zone in the outer wall of the pipeline to ensure that users can also use solar hot water in cold winters.
Control unit
General household solar energy water heater need automatic or semi-automatic operation, control system is cannot little, commonly used controller is automatically sheung shui, water, filled with water and display, water temperature and water level electric auxiliary heating solar water heater and electric leakage protection, prevent dry heating, and other functions.In the market, there are intelligent solar water heaters controlled by SMS, which have the functions of water temperature water level inquiry, failure alarm, starting up water, closing water and activating electric heating.