The Application of Solar PV Technology

The Application of Solar PV Technology

To convert solar radiation into electricity for people to use, a complete set of solar photovoltaic system is needed. Solar photovoltaic cell is an important part of solar photovoltaic system and the basis of the whole system. In addition, the photovoltaic system also includes inverter, battery, monitor, power distribution system, etc.   

Classification and composition of photovoltaic system

 According to whether the solar photovoltaic system is connected to the grid or not, the solar photovoltaic system is divided into two categories: off grid system and grid connected system.

 Off grid system can be divided into independent photovoltaic system and hybrid power supply system. Independent photovoltaic systems generally use solar energy as energy supply in communication base stations, solar street lamps, power supply in remote mountainous areas and other occasions. The system mainly consists of solar modules, inverters, controllers, batteries, power distribution systems, lightning protection and grounding systems. Among them, energy storage equipment (batteries) and controllers are the key factors affecting the cost and service life of the system. In addition to solar cells, the hybrid power supply system also includes oil fans or fans. Solar energy and other energy are used as energy supply.

Grid connection technology is generally used in solar roofs and large-scale photovoltaic power stations. The grid connected photovoltaic system does not need energy storage equipment and has low cost. It mainly consists of solar modules, inverters, power distribution system, lightning protection and grounding system, monitoring system, etc. Currently, grid connected systems account for 80% of all solar applications.

Other technologies of photovoltaic power generation

In addition to solar photovoltaic cell technology, inverter technology, grid connection technology, energy storage technology, intelligent monitoring technology and other technologies are related to the application and development of solar photovoltaic power generation system. As the solar power grid is intermittently connected, the key reason is that the solar power output will change with the grid connection, and the solar power will be intermittently connected. Second, the output current of solar modules is DC, which needs to be converted into AC through inverter, and the requirements for inverter power quality are relatively high. Third, the module power output is affected by temperature, shadow masking and other factors, which will lead to the problem of photovoltaic array power mismatch. Therefore, the system monitoring and alarm system is an important technical link. Finally, since most photovoltaic power stations are located in remote areas, remote control technology is also very important.

China has been in the leading position in the world in terms of the quality and scale of solar module production. From the perspective of the whole industrial chain, the high profit points are concentrated in the links with high technical content, such as silicon material purification, inverter and monitoring system, photovoltaic equipment manufacturing and so on. How to make breakthroughs in these key technical points is a challenge for China's photovoltaic industry.

Current situation and Prospect of solar photovoltaic power generation

Due to the high cost, solar photovoltaic power generation has not been developed on a large scale from the emergence of this technology to the end of last century. In the new century, with the improvement of power generation efficiency and the rapid decline of cost, solar photovoltaic power generation technology has ushered in rapid development, and the installed capacity is increasing year by year. The global total annual installed capacity increased from 1.4gw in 2000 to 22.8gw in 2009. Among them, European countries represented by Germany, Italy and Spain are the largest consumer markets. The EU also plans to increase the share of solar power in all electricity supply to 12% by 2020. China, India and other developing countries have also launched solar energy development plans. In addition to the application of solar communication base station, solar roof and solar power station, solar photovoltaic power generation has also been widely used in the power supply of various mobile terminal equipment.

As an auxiliary energy and supplementary energy, solar photovoltaic technology has ushered in rapid development, and the power generation cost is also declining rapidly. With the progress of technology, solar energy, as a clean and renewable energy, will become one of the important energy sources for sustainable development. And SOLARPARTS will continue to follow the road of sustainable development and make innovations in the field of solar panel. We make sure that our products are the best choices for you.


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