Plug and Play!

A balcony solar system is a photovoltaic module for the production of your own electricity. Equipped with a Schuko plug and integrated inverter, you simply connect the balcony power plant to your socket and generate your own electricity.

Balcony Solar Panels are useful in apartment. For those pepole who don’t have a roof to put solar power system on. Balcony Solar Panels can overcome these difficulties by installing solar panels on balconies.


balcony solar panels



Simple and easy installation, done by yourself

This system is very simple and convenient because it just needs put the solar panel in the sun (You can fix the panel on the roof,  hang on balcony or place it on ground according to the space area where you have).    (  Connect the panel with a micro grid tie inverter;  and using a AC with schuko plug cable connect the inverter & plug the electric cord to your wall socket of 230/240V.  In these simple three steps, the system has been set up already.)



When the sun shines, the solar panel set will produce DC voltage, and the micro grid tie inverter transforms the DC voltage to AC voltage, synchronizing with the utility grid power. It puts out power to the home grid, generating electricity and cutting your electric bill.

How It Works

1. Installing solar panels on the balcony can be done on one’s own. It doesn’t require any help from solar installers.

2. People can take the solar PV with them easily when they are moving out of that apartment.

3. This system is simple because it is not tied to the apartment’s behind-the-meter electrical grid. That means the system is clean and easy to install.

4. A solar panel covering in the balcony is capable of powering equipment of about 300w for about 5-6 hours or powering a mid-size house with led bulbs.

5.. Two 150Watt solar PVs placed in a balcony can provide 10-180 watts output depending on the weather and time of the day.

6. It can be used for the consumption of various home devices. If there is no current consumption, the surplus goes to the city power grid.

7. With solar panels and a battery on the balcony, one can create a solar-powered charging station for electronics items like laptops, phones, wireless earbuds, a few 12V emergency lights, etc. It just help to meet some basic energy needs of a house.