10KW-30KW Off Grid Solar Power System For Home
10KW-30KW Off Grid Solar Power System For Home
10KW-30KW Off Grid Solar Power System For Home
10KW-30KW Off Grid Solar Power System For Home


10KW-30KW Off Grid Solar Power System For Home

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What is off grid system?

The off-grid photovoltaic system is generally composed of a photovoltaic array composed of solar cell modules, solar charge and discharge controller, battery pack, off grid inverter, DC load and AC load.


1. Solar panel
The solar cell module is the main part and also the most valuable component in the solar power supply system. Its function is to convert the solar radiation energy into DC energy.
2. )Solar charge and discharge controller (also known as "photovoltaic controller")
It is used to regulate and control the electric energy generated by solar cell modules. In addition, it is used to charge the battery to the greatest extent and protect the battery from overcharge and over-discharge.
It is used to store the electricity generated by solar panels during the day for use when there is no light.
4.Off-grid inverter
The off-grid inverter is the core component of the off-grid power generation system, which is responsible for converting DC into AC for AC load. Only DC load can not need the inverter






380W Mono Solar Panel

27 Pieces

36 Pieces

45 Pieces

60 Pieces

70 Pieces

Combiner Box

3 in 1 out

4 in 1 out

5 in 1 out

6 in 1 out

7 in 1 out

Off Grid Inverter






12V 250AH GEL Battery

16 Pieces

16 Pieces

20 Pieces

40 Pieces

40 Pieces

DC Cable

4mm2/400 Meters

4mm2/400 Meters

4mm2/600 Meters

4mm2/800 Meters

4mm2/800 Meters

25mm2/100 Meters

25mm2/100 Meters

25mm2/200 Meters

25mm2/200 Meters

25mm2/200 Meters

MC4 Connector

10 Pairs

12 Pairs


20 Pairs

25 Pairs

Mounting System

Ground or Roof ( Customized Optional )



Roofs of villas, residential buildings, schools, hotels, factories, etc; RV, yacht, street lamp and monitoring power generation system, photovoltaic building integration, photovoltaic water pump irrigation system, wind-solar complementary power generation, etc