solar lighting

What does solar lighting mean? 

Simply put, solar lighting is outdoor lighting powered by the sun. A solar panel collects solar energy during daylight hours and charges a battery that powers a fixture light when the sun goes down.

Solar light has three essential components:

  • A high-efficiency fixture
  • A solar panel (EV)
  • A rechargeable battery (there are many types of batteries!)
  • Controller

Our commercial solar lighting systems include poles, light sensors, light housings engineered to reduce light pollution, and electronics to control the lighting program.

What types of solar lights are available?

We’ve all seen the garden-gnome-sized decorative solar lights available at big box stores. Think a lot bigger! At Solarparts, we design solar lighting systems that are hundreds, even thousands of times more powerful—big enough to light up an entire housing complex.

Project managers are installing these sustainable commercial lighting systems worldwide, from remote parks to busy urban centers. Solar lights come in various shapes and sizes, and there’s a model to fit every outdoor lighting scenario: driveways, patios, streets and roadways, parks, walkways, parking lots, and security perimeters.

Engineers design each solar light system to meet unique performance parameters by varying solar panel size, bulb brightness, battery size, lighting angles, pole heights, and special features like motion sensors or network connectivity.

What are the advantages of solar lighting?

Energy independence, easy installation, reliability, and resistance to the elements—these are a few of the reasons to use solar lights outdoors. And because they are efficient, long-lasting, and powered by the sun’s energy, solar lighting is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable outdoor lighting solutions available.

Outdoor solar lights keep an area well-lighted at night, independent of municipal power. During storms and power outages, parking lots and walkways stay illuminated all night, keeping people safe when they need it most. Solar lights turn on and off autonomously and can store up to 4 nights’ worth of energy to provide full brightness all night—even in cloudy or snowy conditions.

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