Cleaning solar panels

Cleaning Solar Panels: Why? When? How?

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Zero-waste and pollution-free - concepts that run the world today. Everyone strives towards making the world a greener and cleaner place to live in. To approach the vision that everyone has, switching from fossil fuels to renewables like solar energy is a must. Especially when purchasing solar panels and consuming solar energy has multiple advantages like affordability and inexhaustibility. However, without proper cleaning procedures, it will be impossible to enjoy the perks of the energy of the sun and its equipment. Solar panel cleaning is an essential part of solar energy generation. Without it, the photovoltaic (PV) system will not operate efficiently, which will shorten the product's lifecycle; thus, solar energy availability. Let's proceed with the article to see why it is essential to properly clean the solar equipment, when it should be done, and how. 

Why Is Solar Panel Cleaning Essential?

Solar panel cleaning is a procedure during which PV panels get washed. Depending on your area of residence, dust, smog, dirt, and sand may hinder the equipment from sunlight. The latter will either block the generation of energy or lower the equipment's efficiency. Moreover, if you purchase a solar panel kit that incorporates multiple pieces of equipment, the purchase may be a failure because of low efficiency resulting from improper cleaning. To prevent these, proper solar panel cleaning procedures should be undertaken to save money and time. 

Cleaning Solar Panels
When Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?

Solar panel cleaning should be done on average once a year. Even though per annum is an optimal frequency, annual inspections within your contract with a solar panel company like Solarparts may aid the maintenance process, depending on your living area and weather conditions. It is favorable to clean solar panels at the end of winter. The reason for that is the rise in output levels with the return of the sun. To keep the procedure safe, it would be better to clean the panels in the evening to avoid touching warm panels. 

Cleaning Solar Panels
How Is Solar Panel Cleaning Done? 

Warm water, soft cloth, squeegee, and dish soap are the must-haves to clean the panels. All you need to do is apply dish soap and warm water with a soft cloth to the panel and clean it with gentle gestures. Afterward, squeeze the soft cloth into the squeegee to get rid of dirty water. Then, repeat the procedure until solar panels are clean. Easy as pie! 

Final Note

It turns out that solar panels, equipment that generate the trending type of renewable power - solar energy, need proper care for lengthy and efficient functioning. Even though this may seem complicated, all you need to do is clean solar panels once in a while. If done at the right time and with the proper techniques, not only will the equipment supply solar power for ages, but also there won't arise a need for professional maintenance procedures. Be thoughtful and take care of your solar panels to enjoy them for the longest possible!

Go solar, go save!

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