MPPT charge controller optimally charges batteries when using PV modules of grid-connected system.
It is a simple and reliable device providing maximum flexibility in module configuration. It is also possible to use thin film modules with this device. The latest technology guarantees the professional battery care combined with modern design and outstanding protection features.



Image Product Name Model
Voltage Current Dimension(MM) Wight(kg)
MPPT Controller JX220701 12V/24V/36V/48V Auto 60A 285*205*93


MPPT Controller JX220702


30A 183*122.5*67.5 1.2
MPPT Controller JX220703 12/24V Auto 20A 210*151*59.5 1.4
MPPT Controller JX220704 12/24V Auto 30A 238*173*72.5 2
MPPT Controller JX220705 12/24V Auto 40A 238*173*72.5 2
MPPT Controller JX220706 12V/24V/36V/48V  85A 314*227*121 5.7
MPPT Controller JX220714 96V 100A 315*250*108MM 5.2




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