Micro inverters can achieve maximum power point tracking (MPPT) at the component level, which has advantages over centralized inverters. In this way, the output power of each module can be optimized to maximize the overall output power.

In addition, combined with the communication function, it can also be used to monitor the status of each module and detect the faulty module.

The micro-inverter system is all designed in parallel. The high-voltage direct current brought by the series system is no longer on the roof, which avoids the fire risk caused by high-voltage DC arc spark and is safer on the roof of the home.


Image Model Max DC Open Circuit Voltage (V) Nominal Power Grid Voltage (V) Peak AC Output Power(W) THD MPPT Tracking Range (Vdc) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
MI-300 60 240  300W <3%(at rated power) 22-55 180*186*25 1.5
MI-600 60 240 600W <3%(at rated power) 22-55 277*132*50 2.9
MI-800 60 240 800w <3%(at rated power) 22-55 250*190*38 4.2