2022 PV Expo(Guangzhou)

Look Forward to the Future, SOLARPARTS 2022 PV Journey Ended Successfully

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On August 11th, 2022 Solar PV World Expo 2022 ended successfully in Zone A of Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall! SOLARPARTS has gained a lot from this exhibition trip.

With the interconnection of all parties in the industry, this exhibition brought together hundreds of domestic enterprises and displayed many latest products of solar photovoltaic industry chain and cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements. The exhibition scale reached 50,000 + ㎡, bringing together 900 + exhibitors and 60,000 + visitors.

With the enthusiasm of many solar photovoltaic industry exhibitors and visitors, the exhibition successfully set up an efficient and mutually beneficial platform for business procurement and business exchange. SOLARPARTS and many other enterprises gathered at the exhibition, and there was an endless stream of business and customers coming and going between booths.

SOLARPARTS in PV Guangzhou

At the same time of the exhibition, the 2022 China Solar Photovoltaic Industry Development Summit Forum with the theme of "Promoting the Development of New Energy and the Achievement of Double Carbon Goals" was successfully held in the exhibition forum area. This forum invited nearly 100 relevant leaders, industry elites, experts and scholars in the photovoltaic field to the scene to share new ideas of high-speed and high-quality development on the photovoltaic track and successful cases of enterprise development and innovation. They also discussed long-term photovoltaic solutions such as distributed photovoltaic, high-efficiency components and zero-carbon upgrade.   

The hot holding of the exhibition also attracted many media and international business people to come to the scene for exchanges. SOLARPARTS also introduced its pioneer products and indicated its development plan in communication and sharing. It is expected that it will increase R&D investment in the main photovoltaic industry chain in the future, improve the conversion efficiency of photovoltaic, reduce the use cost of photovoltaic products and boost the global green transformation.                           

SOLARPARTS in PV Guangzhou

From the perspective of global development, after decades of development, the solar photovoltaic industry has been extremely economical, and the continuous innovation and breakthrough in technology have brought rapid development and progress to the industry. On the eve of the exhibition, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Carbon Peak in the Industrial Field, which emphasized the need to speed up the construction of industrial green microgrid, encourage enterprises and parks to use clean energy nearby, and support qualified enterprises to carry out the construction of self-provided power plants and self-provided power supplies such as "photovoltaic + energy storage". It can be seen that photovoltaic, energy storage and other industries, as the focus of the industry, will still soar in popularity.   

As a leading enterprise in the solar energy industry, SOLARPARTS will continue to adhere to the corporate culture principle of "absorbing sunshine, focusing on energy and return the earth a green place", and strive to become the most potential photovoltaic + technology-based company in China and make due contributions to the development of the world photovoltaic industry. This exhibition is just the beginning. In the future, SOLARPARTS will continue to deepen solar energy technology and show its development potential to all walks of life. Let's meet at the next exhibition!

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