Diversified Layout of PV Power Generation, Opening the “PV +” Mode

Diversified Layout of PV Power Generation, Opening the “PV +” Mode

According to the previous news, by 2025, the energy consumption per unit of added value in industries above Designated Size will be reduced by 13.5% compared with 2020, and the diversification and greening of industrial energy consumption will be accelerated. Supporting qualified industrial enterprises and industrial parks to build industrial green microgrids is beneficial to accelerate the development and operation of integrated systems such as distributed photovoltaic, decentralized wind power, high-efficiency heat pumps, waste heat and pressure utilization, and smart energy management and control. It aims to promote the innovation and upgrading of smart photovoltaic and the application of industry characteristics, innovate the "photovoltaic +" mode, and promote the diversified layout of photovoltaic power generation. Implementing the "double control" system of energy consumption and integrating differentiated electricity price policies such as differential electricity price, to step electricity price and punitive electricity price, and establish a unified stepped electricity price system for high energy consuming industries. Accelerating the electrification and low-carbon of terminal energy consumption to encourage the priority use of renewable energy to meet the power demand of power substitution projects. By 2025, electric energy will account for about 30% of industrial terminal energy consumption.


With the continuous increase of policies, the photovoltaic industry will be placed high hopes in the future. Photovoltaic power generation has low cost and price advantages. Moreover, photovoltaic power is a kind of clean energy, and it is an important measure to save energy, improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and carbon emission. Whether you are an enterprise or an individual, you have the obligation and responsibility to make due contributions to decarbonization and emission reduction. This is the requirement of the times and the pursuit of a better life. With the deep integration of "photovoltaic +", The diversified layout of photovoltaic power generation is becoming more and more extensive, among which industrial energy consumption is the top priority.

How to reduce industrial energy consumption requires not only advanced equipment and technology, but needs safe, reliable and efficient power guarantee. In order to reduce industrial power consumption, more and more large companies and industrial plants will install photovoltaic power generation systems to meet their own power needs. At present, there are two main ways. One is to completely get rid of the power grid, implement the spontaneous self-use of electricity, and retain the remaining electricity, One is to reduce the dependence on the power grid, and implement the dual use of electricity, mainly photovoltaic power generation, supplemented by the power grid. Either way? Both have taken an important step in the reform of industrial power consumption. It is believed that they will be completely replaced in the future and enter the "green power era" of industry. priority. Efforts will be made to improve the industrial power consumption structure and gradually realize the electrification and low-carbon of energy.


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