SolarParts: What to Know Before Buying Flexible Solar Panels in 2022 ?

SolarParts: What to Know Before Buying Flexible Solar Panels in 2022 ?

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Ready to take a short trip? Mobile phone—check tent—check, camping lantern—check, Mac Aircheck. Hey, don't you think you have forgotten something? Energy can never be constant, and there must be something to charge it! If you're tired of noisy engines, why not try solar panels? This kind of equipment that can directly see the energy absorption seems more reassuring.

Compared to traditional solar panels, flexible solar panels are designed to be lightweight, can use for charging equipment conveniently, and can be used independently of the grid. And we'll tell you all about what you might need to know before you buy flexible solar panels.

What are Flexible Solar Panels?

Flexible solar panels are also known as thin-film panels. Flexible solar panels are bendable portable solar panels. You can use them outdoors, in vehicles, RVs, boats, and on roofs. Flexible solar panel technology enables solar power generation from ultra-thin, light, and bendable panels. In fact, portability is their main selling point.


How Do Flexible Solar Panels Work?

Flexible solar panels work much like traditional solar panels because they are based on the same photovoltaic technology - the ability of a material to generate solar energy from direct sunlight absorbed by the material.

It sounds like a flexible solar panel is much better than a rigid solar panel, but there is a downside. Flexible boards generally have 5%-10% less power than rigid boards. But the power it produces already meets your need.


What Are the Benefits of Flexible Solar Panels?

Flexible solar panels are more than 300 times smaller than standard solar panels, so they can bend and retain their function. Not only is it smaller than the normal solar panel, but it has many other advantages.

Next, let's take a detailed look at the advantages of flexible solar panels.

Easy installation

Flexible solar panels can be mounted using magnets or tapes. Simple steps and easy to install, suitable for outdoor use.

Portable& Lightweight

Flexible solar panels are lighter and easier to carry than rigid solar panels. Because there is no need for drilling holes or any brackets. If you're concerned that your roof won't be able to withstand the heavy loads of traditional solar panels, lightweight, flexible film panels may be a good solution because they are light enough not to crush your roof.

Super flexibility

A flexible solar panel can accommodate different structures. It's flexible for unusual surfaces. The flexible solar panel can match perfectly to the curve surface such as yachts, boats, and RVs.


Solar panels can reduce engine and generator run time while reducing air pollution and getting a quick return on investment. It can be the main power source for the outdoors, and both can be the first choice when starting off-grid living.


How Much Do Flexible Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of a flexible solar panel is often determined by its size, quality, efficiency, materials, capacity, and even brand. The price ranges from $150 for a single-panel unit to $1500 for a multi-panel device. Before buying, you can consider the above factors. If you're still confused, we will help you figure out the standard for picking up the right flexible solar panel on the following content. Just keep scanning.


Uses For Flexible Panels

Not every angle is so friendly, so flexible solar panels can work better than a straight one. They can perform well on the surface of buildings, tents, boats, and roofs.


Can you believe it? Even on a boat, solar panels can be better utilized. From yachts to day boats, flexible solar panels can adapt to their different exterior shapes, and you can place them on roofs or decks. Generally, flexible boards are waterproof, and there is no need to worry about them having something wrong during driving.


RVs & Camper van

You must have also been troubled by the insufficient or incomplete placement of solar panels on the RV's roof. The flexible board can actually solve this problem very well. Naturally designed for outdoor travel, they are not only lighter but also easier to install than rigid boards, requiring no additional punching and simply peeling off the tape on the back to install easily.


Camping & hiking

Going out camping and hiking must want as simple as possible. It's too much to take a rigid solar panel to power you. In the wild, flexible solar panels tend to perform better than regular solar panels. Especially in winter, flexible panels can better absorb refracted light from snow and direct sunlight.


Replace your need on the rooftop

Your cabin and roof that have been used for many years can bear the heavy weight of rigid solar panels! But hey! That doesn't mean you won't be able to enjoy solar energy. Flexible solar panels can help because the rigid solar panel requires mounting brackets and sealing material to prevent roof leaks. In contrast, the flexible solar panel is without the need for mounting brackets and other hardware.

Flexible solar panels are easier to move around, which means if you decide to sell your house and want to take your solar panels with you, flexible solar panels can totally solve your problem.


Daily backup power resource

Have you also discovered that you will panic when your mobile phone runs out of power on the road? To get around this, you can install a flexible solar panel on the top of your vehicle that acts as your reliable power bank.


What Should You Look for When Choosing a Flexible Solar Panel?

When you decide to buy flexible solar panels, regardless of the purpose, the following factors are recommended to consider:


This is often the first criterion for choosing the right flexible solar panel. The more power, the more devices you can plug in. At the same time, when charging is required, it takes longer. But of course, wattage is related to cost. Which watt you finally choose usually depends on your need. The high watt is recommended if you are an outdoor lover or take a long trip.


Usually refers to the efficiency that a flexible solar panel can obtain at its peak, which can be converted into energy. SolarParts's  flexible solar panels are capable of 16% more power. Plus, we use CIGS technology to increase the efficiency of our flexible solar panels; the more expensive investment in CIGS can make you more worry-free and have higher long-term benefits.


It depends on the quality of the materials used in the panels. Better quality means you don't need to replace it with a new one often, and you don't have to spend more money. In addition, waterproofing is an attractive point. It becomes necessary if your solar panel is easy to expose to outside.

Bending angle: 

As a flexible solar panel, a more bending angle means more room to play. And it will be more convenient for you to fit your various need in different places. We are proud to say that SolarParts has the biggest bending angle in the market. We can even roll the panels in roll to carry anywhere.


The good news is the installation of flexible solar panels is do-it-yourself mainly work. In fact, most products can simply use tapes, adhesives, or Velcro to attach to your RV. And we provide a user manual to explain it in detail.


Since it is a solar panel often taken out, the lighter the weight, the better. Our new flexible solar panels only weigh 1.84kg, only 1/4 the weight of a rigid one. Same function, more portability.


Although we have already guaranteed the product in terms of quality, it will definitely be more reassuring than not having a shelf life. We provide an 18-month warranty for the flexible solar panel. Once you meet some problems, you can contact us for help. SolarParts has a unique 1-on-1 service to guarantee your every purchase.



We can say, the flexible solar panel is definitely a big breakthrough. Whether you want the best charging source for your RV, boat, or camping, we recommend flexible solar panels. If you have any problems when purchasing flexible solar panels, please feel free to contact us.



Are flexible solar panels worth it?

It can be said that if you go out a lot, flexible solar panels must be a good choice. It's smarter and more convenient than you might think. It adapts better to your uneven surface to absorb sunlight when you go out. Plus, you can totally rely on it because of its good quality and durability.


How do you clean flexible solar panels?

The surface of flexible solar panels can be cleaned with soap and water. Wipe the surface with a soft sponge or seamless cloth in circular motions. Remember not to clean the surface with harsh industrial-strength cleaning materials.


​How to mount flexible solar panels?

Flexible solar panels are easy to mount and usually can be mounted by tape or adhesive to attach your RV/boat/cabin.

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