Does Solar Panels have Radiation Hazard

Does Solar Panels have Radiation Hazard

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Does solar panels have radiation hazard

On January 1, 2006, China officially implemented the renewable energy law, which also allows the "solar energy" to be an environmentally friendly, geographically independent and almost unlimited reserve. The new energy, which integrates various advantages, is gradually known and recognized by the public. In recent years, with the increase of photovoltaic power stations, more and more roofs wear thick "black hats". While people enjoy the benefits of solar energy, they also have deep concerns. Does the solar panel radiate?

First of all, to see whether the solar panel has radiation, we must first understand what "radiation" is?

1:What is "radiation"? 

Radiation is the process of emitting or transmitting energy in the form of waves or particles in space or material medium. From this explanation, we can see that radiation is a process of emitting or transmitting energy, which can be realized in the form of waves (such as light, sound, radio waves, etc.) or particles (such as neutron radiation). Radiation can be roughly divided into the following four types:

(1)Electromagnetic radiation. Such as radio wave, microwave, infrared, visible light, ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma ray, etc., which can come from the sun or electronic devices.

(2). Particle radiation. Such as neutron radiation and other particle radiation with non-zero energy at rest.

(3). Sound radiation. Such as ultrasonic wave, sound wave and seismic wave, which are also a kind of radiation.

(4).Gravitational radiation. Gravitational radiation is carried out in the form of gravitational waves or ripples of space-time curvature.

In fact, our life is full of radiation everywhere, such as microwave radiation of microwave oven, radio wave radiation, etc., but these radiation far have the energy to decompose molecules and do no harm to human body. Therefore, scientists also distinguish between "ionizing radiation" with high energy and "non ionizing radiation" without high energy by whether it has high energy. What we generally call "radiation" refers to "ionizing radiation" that will cause harm to human body.

After understanding the definition of radiation, let's look at the working principle of solar modules:

  • Radiation of photovoltaic solar panels

 Photovoltaic power generation is to directly convert light energy into DC energy through the characteristics of semiconductors, and then convert DC into AC that can be used by us through inverters. The photovoltaic module itself does not produce any electromagnetic radiation during power generation, but the operation of power and electronic equipment such as inverters will affect the surrounding electromagnetic environment. Therefore, all inverters have metal shielding shells and meet the certification of electromagnetic compatibility specified in the world. Through scientific measurement, the electromagnetic environment of solar photovoltaic power generation system is lower than the limit of various indicators. In the power frequency section, the electromagnetic environment of solar photovoltaic power station is even lower than that of common household appliances in normal use, which will not affect human health. Therefore, it can be said that photovoltaic power generation, that is, solar panels are completely radiation-free and pollution-free power generation equipment. On the contrary, the material of solar panels can also reflect certain ultraviolet rays at the same time. Photovoltaic is a clean energy. We use the power generation capacity of photovoltaic power stations, which is equivalent to saving 0.4KG of standard coal every time. At the same time, we reduce pollution emissions by 0.272kg of carbon dust, 0.997kg of carbon dioxide, 0.03kg of sulfur dioxide and 0.015kg of nitrogen oxides.

In a word, solar energy is green, healthy and pollution-free. And new energy without radiation at all. Of course, there is no radiation from solar panels. Photovoltaic power generation is in line with the direction of social development. With the concept of environmental protection gradually gaining popularity, and with policy support and technological progress, photovoltaic power generation industry will also grow rapidly.

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