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Some knowledge of solar streetlights?

What is solar street light? Speaking of solar streetlights, everyone is no stranger to them. Especially in rural areas, many families have installed solar street lights, which have brought great convenience to people. Solar street lights are electric lights that are converted into electricity by solar panels. During the day, solar panels collect and store solar energy. At night, they can be illuminated with electricity. Solar lights are mainly composed of solar panels, LED lamps, controllers, lithium batteries, and light poles. Solar lights are safe, environmentally friendly energy-saving lights.

What is the working principle of solar lights?
The working principle is very simple. Using the photovoltaic effect principle of solar cells, solar panels receive solar radiation energy during the day and converted it into electrical output. Through the controller stored in the battery, when the illumination gradually reduced to about 101ux at night, The open circuit voltage of the solar panel is about 4.5V. The controller detects this voltage value and takes action to discharge the battery to the lamp head. After the battery is discharged for 8.5h, the control will be activated and the battery will be discharged. The main role of the controller is to protect the battery.

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What are the advantages of solar streetlights?
Why are solar streetlights becoming more and more popular in the market? What are their advantages compared with traditional city street lights?

City circuit lights have extremely complicated installation procedures, such as laying cables, digging cable trenches, laying pipes, threading, backfilling, etc. There is a lot of other basic work. Once a problem occurs, extensive rework may be required. Therefore, the material cost is very high. However, the solar street lamp needs only a cement base. And then the light pole is fixed.

In addition to the high installation cost of utility lights, there is also the cost of electricity needed to pay for the lights and the cost of later maintenance. Solar streetlights do not require electricity and the installation cost is low. It is a one-time investment and the maintenance cost is not high. Fixed-point maintenance is available.

Due to the complexity of installation, the city circuit lamp will bring safety hazards to a certain extent. These hidden dangers include construction quality, the transformation of landscape lighting, aging materials, abnormal power supply, water and electricity, pipeline abnormalities, and many other aspects. Solar street lights are low-voltage products, safe and reliable in operation.

Summary of the advantages of solar lighting: safety without hidden dangers, energy saving without consumption, green and environmentally friendly, easy installation, and automatic maintenance-free.

Do solar lights have to be exposed to the sun?
Solar lights do not have to be exposed to the sun to work. Generally speaking, as long as there are light and panels, energy can be stored. However, the efficiency of the battery panel to convert light into electricity is related to the light. The stronger the light, the higher the conversion rate. For this reason, the light is not so strong, the battery will still supply power to the battery, but the conversion rate will be relatively small.

Solar streetlights are now the first choice for new rural construction as well as municipal construction. And now there are more and more products designed using solar energy.

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