Solarparts@ 36V 200W Flexible Solar Panel-1440X790X3MM
200W flexible solar panel


Solarparts@ 36V 200W Flexible Solar Panel-1440X790X3MM

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SP highest-efficiency solar cells and top-grade lightweight polymer materials are used to guarantee its high flexibility and adaptability.


Solarparts@ Flexible Series Solar Panel

Model: PG-SP-FSP-200W

Product Description:


Output about 36.6V 5.51A to provide energy for the corresponding parameter product equipment;


Low degradation

With IP65 junction box, resist power loss due to bending and squeezing.

Powerfully flexible

Maximum flexibility up to 30 degrees, ideal for installation on most curved surface.

Fully compatible

Easily connect to various devices, fully compatible with mainstream inverters and trackers, with no system matching issues.

Long durability

With high light transmittance and excellent outdoor performance to give its longevity.

Easy Transportation

Smart module packaging solutions are used to achieve high reliability, low-cost transportation and logistics.

The standard specification

Maximum power (pmax)


Solar cell

SP solar cell

Maximum voltage (VMP)


Maximum Current (IMP)


Open circuit voltage (VOC)


Short circuit current (ISC)





Customizable (ETFE/PET/TPT)

Output Interface

Customizable (USB /DC/MC4)

Standard test condition

lrradiance 1000 W/m^2, temperature degrees deg am = 1.5



  1. Put the solar panel in the correct position to ensure that the sunlight is not covered by other objects;
  2. Please keep it clean and clean regularly to prevent covered foreign bodies. In this case, it may not work properly;
  3. The standard solar lighting: solar radiation intensity 1000 w/m2, temperature 25 ℃, AM = 1.5.

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