21W ETFE Foldable solar panel
21W ETFE Foldable solar panel
21W ETFE Foldable solar panel
21W ETFE Foldable solar panel


21W ETFE Foldable solar panel

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1. Higher conversion rate

With long-lasting ETFE material on the surface to give it a higher conversion rate.

2. Broad compatibility

Compatible with all USB-supported devices, dual USB ports can charge two devices simultaneously.

3. Bad weather resistant

It is water-resistant to endure all weather conditions, ideal for outdoor activities. 

4. Easy to carry

Equipped with a conventional cable clip, can easily carry it to anywhere you want.



Max Power:21w
Max Power Voltage :7V
Max Power Current: 3A
Open-circuit voltage:8.4 V
Short-circuit current:3.3 A
unfolded size: 1050*430MM
fold size:430*353mm
Double USB interface


1. Ultra-Thin and Flexible: Built with a type of thin-film solar material that offers greater flexibility than other solar cells while retaining durability.

2. Fast Charging: Give your phone, tablet, or other mobile devices up to a 12W charge in optimal sunlight conditions with this portable solar charger.you can charge handheld devices including phones, tablets, and earbud

3. Stable Solar Charging: Automatically resumes charging if the solar panel moves from a shaded area to a sunlit area for a smoother charging experience. You can also use the built-in stand to angle IN Series Solar towards the sunlight.

.4. Foldable and Portable:  When you’re not charging, IN Series Solar folds away for easy storage in your backpack, while the built-in storage compartment can hold cables or small mobile devices.

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