1.   Modular design,small volume,low weight.   
2.  One key on-off,easy operating.
3.  Suitable for long time cycle of charger-discharge.   
4.   Multistage energy management.   
5.   Parallel peration, location automatically acquisited,no manual operation.
6.Front connection&operation,convenient for installation and maintenance


Solarparts@LiFe PO4 Batteries

Image Product Name Model
Dimension(MM) Nominal Voltage Nominal Capacity
Lithium Battery AL 48100 482*490*222 48V 100Ah
Lithium Battery 6-GFM-38 600*600*1600 192V 20Kwh
Lithium Battery JX220802 228*144*210 12.8V 50Ah
Lithium Battery JX220801 520*269*220 12V 300Ah




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