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Keruft_G Series

Laminated with transparent glass on the surface, assembled with aluminium frame, adopt high-efficiency mono/polycrystalline cells to ensure its wide applications.

Well waterproof

IP65 Rated Junction Box against environmental particles and low pressure water jets.

Corrosion resistant

Tempered glass and anti-corrosion aluminum frame are used for extensive outdoor use.

High output

Provide more 5% power generation than a poly panel on rainy days and 9% on sunny days.






Featured with lightweight makes it ideal for use in preliminary science projects.

Long durability

The service life is even up to 25 years.



Keruft_G Series

Image Product Name Model

Cells Efficiency

Surface material Dimension (MM) Solar cell Weight Warranty
Keruf_G Series Mini solar panels - 22% PET - Mono/Poly - 2year



Keruft_P Series can be easily combined with a variety of innovative solutions. Applied to Golf cars, Yachts, Boats, RVs,Caravans, Electric vehicles, Travel tourism cars, Patrol cars,roofs, camping, roof power generation, tents, ships,etc.





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