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Viessmann unveils ground-source heat pump for space, water heating

Viessmann unveils ground-source heat pump for space, water heating

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Viessmann unveils ground-source heat pump for space, water heating


Germany-based heating specialist Viessmann has introduced a new line of ground-source heat pumps for residential applications. They are particularly suitable for detached houses and new builds.

The Vitocal 222-G comes in three versions, with heating outputw between 5.8 kW and 10.4 kW, and a COP of up to 4.8. It reportedly has a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) of up to 5.4 for heating in cold climates. The maximum flow temperature is 65 C, which enables use with conventional radiators.

They come with an integrated hot-water cylinder, with the capacity to heat 220 liters of domestic hot water at a COP of 3.14. They can provide domestic hot water at a maximum temperature of 58 C. The minimum temperature of the ground source is -10 C and the maximum is 25 C.

The ground-source heat pump measures 680 mm x 600 mm x 2,000 mm. The 5.8 kW device weighs 277 kg and the 10.4 kW one weighs 288 kg. They use R410A refrigerant with a global warming potential (GWP) of 1,924.

“The casing of the compact appliance completely protects the refrigeration module/hydraulic compartment from the outside environment and, in conjunction with the three-dimensional anti-vibration mounts, minimizes operating noise,” Viessmann claims on the product’s website. The heat pump produces noise at 46 dBA, which is lower than refrigerator noise.

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The Vitocal 222-G has recently been installed in a residence in the UK, where it is powered by a rooftop installation featuring 16 PV panels with 325 W output each, according to a Viessmann statement.

“The panels are controlled by an app, with the 5.2 kW of energy they generate stored in an 8.2kWh battery for later use,” the heating specialist said. “Energy not needed by the Vitocal heat pump is fully utilized by the household for things like immersion heating and electric vehicle charging, thanks to an export-limiting technology which caps feedback to the grid at 3.68 kW.”

Installing the ground-source heat pump required the digging of two 100-meter-deep boreholes, in a garden measuring 25 meters by 25 meters.

*This article was updated on 3/03/2023 to reflect the weight of the 10.4 kW heat pump is 288 kg, not 28 kg as previously reported.

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