Combine PV and waste disposal

Combine PV and waste disposal

Combine PV and waste disposal

Like solar energy generation facilities; waste- and incinerator ash disposal centers play an important role in achieving a cleaner environment contributing to a more a sustainable society. It is, therefore, synergetic that these two types of initiatives are combined in enhancing sustainability an environmental stewardship.

Teos Energy GmbH commissioned a 41 kW test photovoltaic solar power plant for Germany-based disposal center BAV (Bergisch Waste Management Association).  In 2022, two companies teamed up for the installation of the 41 kW solar power plant as a test project at BAV.

Higher energy output thanks to innovate mounting system

PowerCap, a landfill solar mounting system designed and patented by Watershed Geo, was an essential part of the success in the project. WatershedGeo provides an innovative geotechnical approach to attach PV modules directly to the landfill surface without penetrating the capping system.

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The entire site can be utilized including side slopes for significantly more density for higher energy output. Through the successful cooperation between Teos Energy and WatershedGeo, the disposal center has increased the production of its own renewable electricity and has contributed to  environmental sustainability in several ways.  

First landfill PV plant of Teos Energy in Germany

With this project, Teos Energy has commissioned its first landfill solar power plant in Germany, with plans to increase these projects significantly over the upcoming years. Teos Energy Board Member Özgür Sarpdag aims to prove their capabilities through these projects and long-term partnerships.

Referring to the successful completion of their first landfill project in Germany, Sarpdag emphasizes their vision of enabling investors and partners to engage the solar energy marked in a professional and profitable manner. (hcn)

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