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Three Reasons of Choosing PV Power Generation

The 21st century is an era of energy change. Traditional energy is facing a potential crisis of exhaustion. Photovoltaic power generation is famous for green energy conservation and has obvious advantages in energy substitution. In the current tense energy relationship, choosing photovoltaic power generation is a good choice. It can not only help decarbonization and emission reduction at the national level, but also alleviate the lack of energy supply chain. In addition, there are three big reasons to choose photovoltaic power generation?

1: Short energy recovery cycle

After decades of development, the photovoltaic industry chain is becoming more and more mature. Recently, breakthrough progress has been made in improving quality and reducing cost. The construction time is short, and the investment income is effective quickly. The latest data calculation shows that the energy recovery cycle of photovoltaic power stations has been shortened to less than one year, that is, from the extraction of silicon material and silicon sand, to all links of the photovoltaic industry chain, and even application. Compared with traditional high energy consuming industries such as thermal power, the energy consumption recovery cycle is shortened in a straight line, and the efficiency is growing at a double rate.                 

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2: High green power return benefit

The energy source of photovoltaic power generation is endless. It is a clean renewable energy, which can be invested once and used for life. Energy conservation and emission reduction, rejecting high pollution, high emissions and high energy consumption, is a real green power supply. In addition to supplying power to household, enterprise or factory electrical equipment, it can also be converted into cash flow nearby, and transmit power to the outside world through grid connection, so as to obtain economic benefits. It has strong functional compatibility and adhesion, and can be used immediately and stored for standby.

3: Significant low-carbon environmental protection efficiency

The main materials used for photovoltaic power generation come from the extraction of silicon, which is the most abundant gift in nature, and the exploitation is relatively convenient. Moreover, the service life of photovoltaic modules is relatively long, up to more than 25 years.

Photovoltaic modules that have reached the retirement age can also be recycled to improve the efficiency of resource use and effectively reduce the pollution and damage to the environment. Different from traditional power generation methods, photovoltaic power generation lacks mechanical wear, has a very low failure rate, is more durable, and has a significant effect in low-carbon environmental protection.     

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Every reason is exciting and hard to refuse, which is the charm of photovoltaic power generation. It is a benign product of the development of the times. It is worth owning and creating a better life. In the era of green, open, harmonious and sharing, green electricity is around you, enjoying the endless fun and novelty of the power world.

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