distributed PV power generation

The Application Scenarios of Distributed PV Power Generation

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Distributed photovoltaic is a new type of power generation and energy comprehensive utilization mode with broad development prospects. It is different from traditional centralized power generation (thermal power generation, etc.), which advocates the principle of nearby power generation, nearby grid connection, nearby conversion and nearby use. It can not only effectively provide the power generation of the same scale system, but also effectively solve the problem of power loss in boosting or long-distance transportation. Distributed photovoltaic power generation project has no noise, no light pollution and no radiation in the power generation process, which is a static power generation with zero emission and zero pollution in the true sense. So what are the application scenarios of distributed photovoltaic power generation?

1: Industrial and commercial roof distributed solar energy

The principle of roof-type distributed solar energy is to install solar power generation devices on the top of houses and use photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into clean electricity for use. This solar energy application can supply electricity to houses and sell surplus electricity for extra economic income.                        

distributed PV power generation

2: Distributed solar photovoltaic in driving school and carport

There is a large market space in the domestic driving school industry. According to public data, as of 2017, the number of people with driving licenses in China is only 400 million. Compared with the domestic population base of 1.4 billion, with the gradual expansion of the domestic automobile market, there is still a large market space in the domestic driving school industry in the future. In the same period, as the core link of the automobile, the carport will also gain industry gains along with the incremental release of the automobile. Exploring the organic integration of distributed energy and driving school carports can not only cope with their own power demand, maintain stable power consumption and save electricity costs, but also achieve development in the fields of automobile charging.

3: "Photovoltaic + Charging Pile" combination

The combination of “photovoltaic + charging pile” has already been practiced, but it has not been popularized and paid attention to. Because the charging speed is longer than the refueling time of fuel vehicles, a "charging pile cluster" that can meet the simultaneous charging of multiple new energy vehicles requires a large area. In such a large area, a "photovoltaic carport" can be built, which can not only ensure the supply source of clean energy power generation for charging piles, but also provide shade for charging cars to avoid the possible danger of rain charging. 

4: Solar photovoltaic ecological greenhouse

Applying solar photovoltaic power generation system, photothermal system and new nano-ecological light conversion film technology to greenhouse to improve photosynthesis of plants, improve the quality of crops and increase farmers' income in the form of environmental protection.                         

distributed PV power generation

5: Fishing and light complementary solar photovoltaic power generation

By setting up a photovoltaic power station module on the water surface, planning and breeding fish and shrimp under the water surface can achieve the parallel mode of breeding and power generation, and realize the characteristics of "one place, two uses, fishing and light complement each other", which greatly improves the land use efficiency and improves the output value of per unit area of land. 

In addition, distributed photovoltaic power stations are also widely used in hospital communication base stations, photovoltaic warehousing/logistics, government office buildings, warehouses, stadiums and gymnasiums, etc. And to learn more about  distributed photovoltaic power generation, please follow SOLARPARTS official website:

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