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Does High Temperature Affect the Capacity of PV Power Generation

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Since enter into the summer, the temperature in various places has risen to above 40 ℃. The temperature is so high that people feel extremely uncomfortable. From the globe, the sharp rise in temperature has led to the melting of glacial peaks near the North Pole, and the elevation of peaks with glacial peaks has dropped significantly. In some areas, even the water level at the source of rivers has moved down, all due to the sharp rise in temperature. So is it true that the demand for photovoltaic panels will soar as temperatures rise?                 

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It is true that the high temperature shows that the weather is good for solar power generation to a certain extent. But what most people don't know is that photovoltaic panels are also “afraid” of heat, that is to say, when the temperature is higher than the bearing limit of photovoltaic panels, the panels will be "bite back" and their own performance will be attenuated or damaged. Excessive temperature can easily induce hot spot effect, PID effect (potential induced attenuation) and other phenomena. In addition, it will accelerate the serious wind erosion and aging of connectors, which leads to spontaneous combustion and fire and brings potential safety hazards and economic loss risks.

 The high-quality monocrystalline flexible solar panel of SOLARPARTS adopts PET package, which has the characteristics of heat, corrosion resistance, weatherproof and good light transmission. In summer high temperature weather, it can well defend against the adverse effects brought by high temperature. Stable performance can still work normally at high temperature and continue to supply electric energy for you.                     

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The suitable working temperature of photovoltaic panel is about 25 ℃, so the sharp rise of air temperature over the upper limit of temperature is unfavorable to the panel. We should look at this problem scientifically and rationally and not blindly follow it. At the same time, in order to be on the safe side, the necessary cooling maintenance means in summer high temperature weather can not be saved. Therefore, it can better reduce the potential hidden danger risk caused by high temperature.

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