Laminated with transparent glass on the surface, assembled with aluminium frame, adopt high-efficiency mono/polycrystalline cells to ensure its wide applications.  


Well waterproof

IP65 Rated Junction Box against environmental particles and low pressure water jets.

Corrosion resistant

Tempered glass and anti-corrosion aluminum frame are used for extensive outdoor use.

High output

Provide more 5% power generation than a poly panel on rainy days and 9% on sunny days.


Featured with lightweight makes it ideal for use in preliminary science projects.

Long durability

The service life is even up to 25 years.

Image Product Name Model

Cells Efficiency

Surface material Dimension (MM) Solar cell Weight Warranty
Keruf_G Series Mini solar panels - 22% PET - Mono/Poly - 2year



Keruft_P Series can be easily combined with a variety of innovative solutions. Applied to Golf cars, Yachts, Boats, RVs,Caravans, Electric vehicles, Travel tourism cars, Patrol cars,roofs, camping, roof power generation, tents, ships,etc.