Be designed exclusively for ease of use at home, school, lab or workshop, is perfect for solar projects. The best choice for those who fond of experiencing the fun of DIY.

Compact size

Can be put into a wallet or a small portable bag, is very convenient to carry.

Advanced technology

High-quality epoxy resin are used, unique manufacture process to guarantee its long durability.

Special customization

Can be uniquely designed and produced in terms of different customer`s needs. 

 Broadly compatible

Are applicable to all kinds of small power appliances, suitable for small-scale science projects.


Build your own powered models like solar toys, solar lights and solar displays freely.



Product Specifications

Image Product Name Model

Cells Efficiency

Surface material Dimension (MM) Solar cell Weight Warranty
Epoxy resin solar modules - 21% Epoxy resin - Mono/Poly - 2year
18V 70mA Epoxy resin solar panel 203040035 21% Epoxy resin 111x111 Mono cell 0.01KG 2year

1V 500mA Epoxy resin solar panel

203050055 21% Epoxy resin 60X90 Mono cell 0.01KG 2year

0.5V 250MA Epoxy resin solar panel

203040024 21% Epoxy resin 48X21 Mono cell 0.001KG 2year
0.5V 250MA Epoxy resin solar panel 203040029 21% Epoxy resin 28X28 Mono cell 0.001KG 2year

6.0V/160mA Epoxy resin solar panel

203050036 21% Epoxy resin 82X120 Mono cell 0.01KG 2year
3V 50mA Epoxy resin solar panel 203050002 21% Epoxy resin 60X60 Mono cell 0.01KG 2year


Keruft_Mini E Series solar modules applicable to all kinds of small power appliances. Such as emergency lights, advertisement lamps, traffic lights, household lights, electric fans, solar water pumps, solar street lamps, etc.Experience the fun of DIY soon!