Bright Future of PV Development under Energy Crisis

Bright Future of PV Development under Energy Crisis

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It is reported that affected by Russia Ukraine relations, the European natural gas price rose by 33% this month. As of Tuesday local time, it reached 129 euros per megawatt hour, compared with 30 euros in the same period last year. This round of increase was as high as 291%. The soaring energy prices have directly pushed up the inflation level in Europe. In this case, some industries have to choose to close production facilities due to operating pressure, and the economic development of Europe has been seriously frustrated.

At present, Europe has entered a hot summer, and the demand for refrigeration and cooling will increase significantly. However, due to the impact of the energy crisis, the proportion of superimposed renewable energy power generation is not high, and the electricity price in Europe has increased significantly. As of this week, the electricity price in France was 383 euros per megawatt hour, up 64% on a month on month basis from last week, a new high in the same period.


 At the same time, according to the news on June 22, the European Parliament passed three climate drafts, including the reform of the carbon emissions trading system (ETS), the amendment of the relevant rules of the carbon boundary adjustment mechanism (CBAM) and the establishment of the social climate fund.

The key contents of the three drafts include:

First, support the phasing out of free carbon emission quotas from 2027 to 2034;

Second, it is hoped that the incentive system will be introduced in 2025 to stimulate enterprises and innovation and accelerate industrial decarbonization;

Third, CBAM will be implemented on January 1st, 2023. During the transition period to the end of 2026, importers need to pay for the direct carbon emissions of their imported products, and the price is linked to the EU carbon market;

Fourth, the new draft includes organic chemicals, plastics, hydrogen and ammonia in the scope of CBAM levy, and hopes to include electricity in the scope of levy.

Fifth, set up a social climate fund to help vulnerable citizens cope with the increased costs of energy transformation, such as investing in renewable energy.

The introduction of the European Parliament's plan has confirmed the authenticity of the current energy crisis in Europe. Influenced by historical and traditional factors, Europe's energy structure mainly relies on coal, natural gas and hydrogen energy, etc., and rarely develops and distributes other renewable energy. Therefore, under this round of energy crisis, it will be stretched and slightly inadequate. We have to look to the international market to seek new alternative energy. Photovoltaic solar energy just takes this opportunity to intervene in the European market. On the one hand, it can allocate resources in the international market and alleviate the current energy tension in Europe. On the other hand, it can open the energy demand market, stimulate the market consumption vitality and pave the way for subsequent product or service input.


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