The prospect of solar energy

Solar power has a more exciting plan. One is Japan's Genesis plan. Ready to use the surface of the desert and ocean area for power generation, and through the superconducting cable to the global solar power station into a unified power grid in order to supply power to the world. It is estimated that by 2000, 2050, 2100, even if the full use of solar power to supply global energy, but also covers an area of ​​6.511 million square kilometers, 1,867,900 square kilometers, 8.2919 million square kilometers. 82.919 million square kilometers accounted for only 2.3% of the total marine area or 51.4% of all the desert, and even the desert is 91.5% of the Sahara. So this program is possible to achieve.
The other is the power generation program. As early as 1980, NASA and the Department of Energy on the proposed space in the construction of solar power plants envisaged in the synchronous orbit to put a 10 km long, 5 km wide plate, covered with solar cells, so that can provide 500 million Kilowatts of electricity. But this needs to solve the problem of terrestrial wireless transmission. Various proposals have been proposed for microwaves, laser beams and the like. At present, although the use of model aircraft to achieve a short distance, short time, low-power microwave wireless transmission, but from the real practical there is a long journey.
With the development of Chinese technology, in 2006, China has three companies into the world's top ten, marking China will become the world's new energy technology center, one of the world's widely used solar photovoltaic, led to the current lack of The supply of raw materials and the rise in prices, we need to promote the technology at the same time, must adopt new technology in order to significantly reduce costs for the long-term development of this new energy to provide the driving force!
The use of solar energy is divided into several aspects: the family with small solar power stations, large-scale grid-connected power plants, building integrated photovoltaic glass curtain wall, solar street lights, wind and solar street lights, wind and solar power supply system,
The world has nearly 200 companies to produce solar cells, but the production plant mainly in the hands of Japanese companies.
South Korea's Samsung, LG have expressed the desire to actively participate in the Chinese cross-strait is also very enthusiastic. According to reports, China Taiwan in 2008 crystalline silicon solar cell production capacity of 2.2GW, will be 1Gw annual production capacity to expand, then began to produce thin-film solar cells, this year will be strengthened, Taiwan look forward to the European "solar cell power" line The 2010, countries and regions have more than 1GW production plan of solar cell manufacturers are Japan Sharp, Germany Q-Cells, Scho ~ Solar, Shui 5 Granville RWESolar, China SuntechPower and other five companies, the remaining seven more than 500MW production capacity of the company.
The world's solar cell market triumph, a good, but a rare financial crisis brought about by the economic crisis, the same pressure on the head of the solar cell market, a dark cloud, the main business, such as the German Q-Cells performance crashed down, the year this year, the world's solar power The market will also be due to weak demand, oil prices and competitiveness of the anti-promotion and other unfavorable factors and fell. But at the same time, people also see the United States. Obama will come to GreenNewDeal policy, including its green energy plan may have 150 billion US dollars of subsidy funds, Japan will also implement the subsidy system to continue to popularize the application of solar cells.