Flexible Solar Cells on the Chinese Space Station

Flexible Solar Cells on the Chinese Space Station

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With the profound evolution of the world energy pattern, solar energy, as a clean and pollution-free green energy, has already entered people's attention for decades. As an effective tool to absorb solar energy, solar panels have been developed for decades. Solar panels are widely used in photovoltaic power stations, lamp power supplies, various mobile power supply equipment, communication industry, and even aerospace field.

Flexible Solar Cells on the Chinese Space Station

As we all know, solar panels can be divided into rigid and flexible. The solar panel used in China's space station is a new generation of flexible solar wings. It is covered with three junction GaAs cells on an ultra-thin lightweight composite substrate. It has a 30% photoelectric conversion efficiency, which is far more than the 15% photoelectric conversion efficiency of the international space station. As for the "Tianhe" core module, compared with the traditional rigid and semi-rigid solar cell wings, the flexible wings have small volume, large deployment area and high power to weight ratio. A single wing can provide 9 kW of electric energy for the space station. The combined area of a pair of solar wings is 134 square meters, which can generate more than 18 kW of electric energy. While meeting the normal operation of all equipment in the module, it can also fully ensure the daily life of astronauts in the space station. Compared with the traditional rigid and semi-rigid solar wings, the flexible wings are only one book thick after being fully folded, which is only 1/15 of the thickness of the rigid solar wings. The substrate is made of ultra-thin lightweight composite materials, and the coating thickness of the adhesive layer used to protect the space environment is strictly controlled.

Flexible Solar Cells on the Chinese Space Station

As an important part of the future energy revolution, solar energy will play an important role. SOLARPARTS has been deeply engaged in the field of new energy for many years. The solar panel series products developed by SOLARPARTS have won a number of international recognition, and the panel energy conversion rate has reached the industry-leading level. Although it is still far away from the requirements for solar panels of the space station, SOLARPARTS will always adhere to the business philosophy of "absorbing sunlight, focusing on energy, and making the earth clean", and adhere to the research and development and manufacturing of solar series products, so as to contribute to the national new energy cause. Welcome to learn about our company and products through the following ways:

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