SOLARPARTS at Solar & Storage Live UK 2022

Never Stop, SOLARPARTS 2022 Tour at Solar & Storage Live UK Made a Successful Ending

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On October 20th, the Solar & Storage Live UK 2022 completed its 3-days solar exhibition. As a leading and ambitious solar enterprise, SOLARPARTS has gained a great harvest through this exhibition.

Solar & Storage Live UK 2022 has long been the largest gathering of UK solar and storage manufacturers, developers and installers – encouraging the collaboration of the two industries to firmly establish the place of both technologies in the future energy system. In virtue of this big platform, SOLARPARTS displayed hot products like micro-grid solar balcony system, off-grid home solar system and upgraded integrated solar folding bag, which helped customers to have a further understanding of our products.                    

SOLARPARTS at Solar & Storage Live UK 2022

With the enthusiasm of many solar photovoltaic industry exhibitors and visitors, the exhibition successfully set up an efficient and mutually beneficial platform for business procurement and business exchange. SOLARPARTS and many other enterprises gathered at the exhibition, and there was an endless stream of business and customers coming and going between booths.

SOLARPARTS at Solar & Storage Live UK 2022

As a leading enterprise in the solar energy industry, SOLARPARTS will continue to adhere to the corporate culture principle of "absorbing sunshine, focusing on energy and return the earth a green place", and strive to become the most potential photovoltaic + technology-based company in China and make due contributions to the development of the world photovoltaic industry. This exhibition is just the beginning. In the future, SOLARPARTS will continue to deepen solar energy technology and show its development potential to all walks of life. Let's meet at the next exhibition!

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